How to Find Statement Making Stylish Bathroom Furniture in the UK?

No modern or traditional bathroom can function properly without a vanity unit and cabinet. Besides offering you space to store your bathroom essentials and keeping your bathroom look clutter-free, the bathroom furniture help enhance the interior design of your bathroom. Moreover, it adds convenience to the room.

The bathroom storage furniture like vanity and cabinets go through rough use. Being constantly steamed and splattered with water as you get ready in the morning or bath your kids jeopardises their integrity. Not to mention, raw wood may not survive the constant torture of moisture, let alone the wear and tear.

So, if you are out looking for a vanity unit or cabinetry for your bathroom, this blog can walk you through each important step.

Choosing Quality Cabinet Material

While choosing the right material for your bathroom’s cabinet, make sure you keep in mind the moisture they’ll have to endure. This implies that any normal furniture material won’t do justice.

  • Getting particleboard stapled with draws and partial opening slides may function well for cloakrooms or powder room vanity, but they might not stand a chance in a family bathroom. The moisture in these rooms will make them saggy and make them weak enough to last.
  • If you want something that won’t need a replacement every six months, a half-inch plywood material would fit the need since it is sturdier and more durable against moisture than a particleboard. Not to mention, you can go with dovetailed drawers instead of the cheaper nailed or stapled substitutes.
  • Moving on, in case you have the budget to allot, you should go with half-inch or 3/4th of plywood or hardwood material to construct dovetail and dowel joints for drawers. Moreover, you can also pick and choose between half-length and full-extension drawer glides.

Tips to Choose the Right Vanity Unit

Although fancy-looking breaded bathroom furniture might feel like a luxury, they aren’t worth it when it comes to practicality. Any water splashed in the direction can accumulate in the breading, leaving you no other choice but to wipe it off with a towel, or they will eat away the precious wood. Therefore, it is important that you don’t go after the look too much. But also consider material sturdiness, quality, and durability. Hardwood or natural wood can easily get damaged with exposure to the humidity in water. However, these are still used in the bathroom with some extra sealing and paint layers. It will cost more as well. In comparison, you will find MDF or any other engineered material that is not that much expensive but can help you create the style statement in the bathroom. 

Wall-mounted cabinets sure look stylish and contemporary and make it simple to map the floor without bulging into the legs. However, they aren’t as sturdy and durable as floor-standing vanity units are. Even though they look comparatively outdated, they are still a viable solution to go with. Not to mention, you can find all kinds of explicit and modern designs in freestanding vanities as well.

Regardless of what vanity unit you are buying, make sure your bathroom provides a favourable environment for the unit to survive. For instance, you can install a shower enclosure to prevent any splashing. OR you can also install a quality exhaust fan that removes excess moisture from the room.

Finding High Quality Bathroom Furniture within a Budget

Budget is one of the primary factors to consider while you are out shopping for bathroom furniture. You might need to compromise either on the quality or style of the vanity unit or cabinetry.

If you are complying with a tight budget, buying stock cabinets and vanities is an affordable way out. Although you can find attractive designs, they do not allow any room for customization. The price of the vanity unit may depend on the style and material. MDF bathroom furniture is usually an economical choice in comparison to natural or hardwood. Moreover, a wall hung vanity unit may have a higher price in comparison to a freestanding or floor standing vanity unit.  

In case you have no limitations with a budget having somewhere between £200 – £750, custom cabinets can be a way to elevate the outlook of your bathroom. Not only can your custom design their height and layout design, but you also have the luxury to choose the right material as well. Be that as it may, you will need to wait for a few weeks for the customization to complete.

Final Thoughts

Finding the bathroom furniture that is aesthetically pleasing and practical can be a hassle. There is no size fit all approach that you can use and get the types of looks and functionality you want. Therefore, you will need to consider the above discussed features in the vanity units or cabinets that you want to install.