A Prep Guide Every First-Year College Student Needs

firstyear college student

You woke up because your phone buzzed, and your first instinct was to check the clock. It’s 8 in the morning; who is calling you so early? Why is anyone calling you at this hour? 

You check your phone, it’s Emily, your best friend. You wait a minute or two for the call to end. But just as it ends, it starts ringing again. What the heck? What has gotten into her? 

Finally, you leave your comfy and warm bed to answer her call. Before you start to say anything, she exuberantly tells you about hearing back from the college you both applied to. She asks you to check the mail too. And, without even wearing slippers, you rush to the dining hall. 

And there it is!

The white envelope, sealed and waiting innocently on the table. You cannot believe it! You have gotten an acceptance letter from college!

But hold on, it means that you are going to be leaving the state in 15 days! Suddenly, all that excitement turns into panic and anxiety. You have zero preparations. What is going to happen now? What are you going to do?

If you are caught off-guard with a piece of news like this, we suggest you focus on your happiness and excitement. Because we are all prepared to assist you. Below, we have shared a prep guide for every first-year college student. So, enjoy this precious time with your family as we have sorted out everything you need to have. 

7 Essentials For Your Dorm Room That You Shouldn’t Forget

Bath & Bedding:

Nothing indicates a dorm room more than a twin XL size mattress. Spoiler alert: You will spend all your college years with this uncomfortable mattress. But there are ways to make it a bit better on the comfort side. Really? Read below to find out how!

Comforter & Pillows:

Try to invest in good bedding, cosy comforters, and fluffy pillows. You can also get your hands on a snug mattress topper, which is reversible, preferably. In this way, you can also change the look of your dorm room with minimum effort. 

Alarm Clock:

If you are anything like us, then you probably will need an alarm clock to wake you up for early lectures, too. Or else you will end up sleeping like a log and miss lectures. 

Study Table:

Although your room will be furnished, however, you should also get a study table for yourself, to complete late-night homework marathons. However, if you plan on getting the USA essay writing service in USA to do your work, you may want to skip the table. 

Containers & Organizers:

The soon you realize that you have to fit all your essentials in a room instead of a house, the better things will become for you. You must get containers and organizers to magically arrange everything in your small dorm room. These storage items are going to be your best buddies throughout college years. 


Of course! How must we skip the most essential part? The toiletries are a must-have before you shift to your room. Make sure to pack towels, loofahs, washcloths, body wash, and your favourite shampoo. Keep a toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss too. 

If your dorm has a community shower, carrying a shower caddy with you is best. Don’t forget a bathrobe and a shower cap also. 

Health & Grooming:

Do you know that there is a strong relationship between your self-care and academic performance? Therefore, if you wish to achieve that 4.0 GPA, then you must be very aware of your hygiene and grooming. Below we have shared some grooming must-haves for you to pack. 

Scissors & Nail Trimmers:

These essentials will help you a lot to keep your hair as well as nails properly trimmed. 

First-Aid Kit:

What if your dorm’s health service office is not open when you need a painkiller or a bandage? What will you do then? Will you wait for it to open while dying in pain? It is always preferable to better to be cautious rather than sorry. This is why we recommend you carry a first aid box with you in case of any emergency.

Moisturizers & Deodorant:

You don’t want your skin to break in winter; to avoid this from happening, carry moisturizers with you. And to avoid stinking during your exam season, we suggest you pack your deodorant. 

Makeup Essentials:

If you are a woman, you must be familiar with the importance of makeup in our daily lives. Make sure to carry sufficient makeup products with you if you go to a girls’ night out. 

Clothes & Laundry:

Although you are tempted to take away your whole closet with you, we suggest you not to do so. Dorm rooms usually don’t have a large space for clothes to be stocked in. Instead, it is wiser to invest in a clothing rack. This way, you will have more space to keep your clothes. 

Make sure to carry a good detergent and fabric conditioner as well. Iron and laundry baskets are also a must-have.

Basic School Supplies:

If you plan to do your homework independently instead of relying on academic writing services, then we suggest you purchase some basic school supplies. Pencils, pens, a calculator, a book bag, notebooks, highlighters, sticky notes, tape, etc. are all necessary to have. 


Your dorm room is going to become your home throughout your college years. However, it might not feel like home at first, but you can make certain adjustments to make it better. Although the room space will be very limited, you can add posters or hang polaroids of your loved ones. Curtains and sticky wall mounts are always a better way to add a more decorative touch to a room. 

Electronics & Equipment:

You need to have a laptop to get through your college. Make sure to bring your laptop, phone, chargers, a power strip, and a quality headset to keep you connected with the digital world. 

Get Vaccinated:

Many institutions require incoming students to get certain vaccinations to ensure the safety of the student population. Usually, these vaccinations are against infectious diseases, including meningitis, HPV, measles, etc. Moreover, many colleges now require students to have the COVID-19 vaccine to avoid any potential spread. 

Final Words:

Getting into college is definitely a great achievement. With the above-mentioned must-have essentials, you will be all set to embark on this successful journey. Instead of freaking out about what to pack, just follow this blog, and you will have everything you will require packed nicely. 

Before you head out for college, make sure to spend quality time with your family as well as friends. Because, if the truth be told, you will miss the angry yells of your father, the embracing hugs of your mother, never-ending fights with your siblings, and the lame jokes of your friends the most.

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