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How much does Fitted wardrobes cost

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Fitted wardrobes Birmingham

It is logical that before launching to put Fitted wardrobes Sutton Coldfield one wonders how much it is worth. Sometimes we do not know if it is worth more depending on whether the gap is larger or if I use one material or another, it will make the product more expensive.

For this reason, when we have the idea of incorporating a custom wardrobe in our house, the same question always appears: What is the price of a built-in wardrobe?

Fitted wardrobes or a custom wardrobe

Is a piece of furniture that, as its name suggests, is tailored to the needs and space that each client has at home. Nowadays, with the spaces and the prices per square meter that are available in homes, they are the best option when buying a storage unit such as a wardrobe.

The other option would be to opt for standardized cabinets. These are only offered with predefined measurements and with few options for finishing and decoration on the doors and also with few options for interior design.

The drawback of standardized or chain-made cabinets is that they do not take advantage of the space we have and normally the qualities of these do not usually match the cabinets made to order.

For this reason, custom furniture has become the best option for acquiring a wardrobe.

Currently, this preference is so widespread that there are many cabinet manufacturers who offer their furniture to measure without being it. 

These manufacturers in terms of the front, offer a catalog of doors, whether these are sliding, folding, etc. with several models, and of those models, we are given a choice between various decoration or finish options, but which we cannot get out of.
And as for the interior design, they offer us “modules” with a multitude of storage options, but which may not be adapted to the specific clothing needs that each client may have.

This is trying to sell something standardized at a unique and personal price or trying to redirect the needs and tastes of each client to something standardized.

The price of Fitted wardrobes Birmingham cannot be defined without paying attention to the particularities of each client and each space. And it will depend on the following factors:

1) Measurements.

Each closet will have specific measurements of width, height, and depth. And all of them are required by the customer, they are not proposed by the manufacturer. Obviously, the larger the size of the closet, the higher the cost, just because more material will be needed to make it.

However, if the closet has a simple arrangement to assemble, the price will not rise, unlike other orders that, due to the characteristics of the room or the available space (attic or under a staircase), will have a somewhat higher cost given that the project complicates.

2) Type and finish of the doors or the front.

Depending on the space available and according to the particular tastes of the customer, we will choose for our wardrobe from sliding doors, folding doors or folding. And then finishing them in laminates, varnished or lacquered woods.

Each material has a different price, normally if noble woods are used the price will increase although of course the resistance and durability of the wardrobe will also be much higher.

As for the doors, if they are sliding, the price per door is higher since their volume is larger and more elements such as hardware and rails are used. However, although swing doors have a better price for each element, it is also true that more swing doors are often used.

3) Decoration.

If the door has any latticework, engraving, glass decoration, etc.

4) Design.

The price of the closet interior will depend on the design or the organization that it must have to meet specific clothing needs. That is drawers, shelves, bars for short and long clothes, accessories such as pants, belt holders, etc.

Japanese-style built-in wardrobes
Fitted wardrobes Sutton Coldfield

Custom built-in wardrobes
Custom dressing rooms

Normally the price or amount of Fitted wardrobes is specified between interior and front, the front being around 55% of the budget and the interior 45%. But since the closet doors are the ones that allow a greater number of possibilities, they can increase their weight in the budget with respect to the interior.

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