Five key video chat features that transform your online customer service and support

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How live video call app can change your customer reach 

Browser-based solutions like video chat api are powerful tools for your business changing the way you communicate with your customers. When you integrate website-based voice or video chat features, it improves the customer experience.  By integrating video chat software and live chat, interaction with customers is humanized helping you to retain and gain additional clientele.

The quality of customer support will dramatically increase as your chat operator will always have information due to internal notes and chat features. Connecting with your customers from any part of the country is simpler by using auto-translate features.  Using video chat features you can deploy targeted messages to bring in newer customers. And you no longer need to wait for your customers to initiate the conversation.

Screen sharing using video calls allows your business to use remote teams for customer service which is a key operational costs saver. Businesses using emerging digital communication solutions like video call API for websites are gaining multiple dividends and simplifying their commercial processes.  

These trends are validated by industry reports.  Vonage establishes the power of emerging process trends. When you add video conferencing to your website in the digital ecosystem, trickle-down benefits arise.

The in-depth 2020 Vonage study reported that primarily, customer satisfaction was found to be high whenever the business offered video conferencing, video chat-based customer support. Secondly, the real-time interactiveness and immediate resolution of an issue ensured trust, leading to better customer-business relations. Thirdly, the assurance that the business was reachable led clients to remain with the business house for the long term.  

On the business side, by using free video call API for websites and the spectrum of browser solutions, the gains are swift. Firstly, high positive ROI, secondly, building quality customer reach and long-term customer engagement will drive businesses to add free video calls and chat features. First adopters of online interfacing solutions and live video call apps can transform the manner in which businesses connect and deliver customer support. Build a live video chat app to render personalized customer care services and grow your business digitally.

What Your Website Gets using video chat API  Support Features?

When you deploy software-driven customer chat features on video chat API, you are changing the manner in which you conduct your business. With a well-trained customer video chat staff, your business will be able to serve your customers based on demand. The following features show you can use video chat on your website…

  1. Chart unique experience with video chat

Video chats are the new norm for businesses to connect with customers directly and deliver the required service. According to the 2020 Vonage study, nearly 38-percent of customers prefer an online bouquet of services such as video chat since they have become more comfortable in using their smartphones to make purchases or services. Video chat customer support is the closest they can get to in an in-store experience.  This in the long term ensures healthy, sustainable growth in the number of customers for your business.

Case studies prove that using solutions such as embed video chat,  the traditional method of call center-based customer support has moved to website-based support. 

  1. Instant and Immediate support

Video chat contracts the time lost in traditional customer support processes like email or voice calls. If your business is such that your customer issues can be resolved using video chat then, this should become your go-to tool for customer support. Your business should leverage the advantage of instant response that the internet offers to improve your customer support to ensure satisfaction for an issue resolved. 

  1. Increase your sales

The essence of a sale is in the customer experience. Video chats can easily deliver four of the five sensory aspects that guide a customer to make a buy. Visual, verbal, oral, and ambiance that your business displays at your digital store will clinch the sales that you would come from the format of your traditional sales. Your sales pitch should be an audio visual oratory experience, with your core team making the final pitch via a video chat preceded and followed by a voice call

  1. Driving customer satisfaction

Video chats quickly compensate for the lack of in-store experience, since the visual and conversational nuances are present throughout the timeline of the customer viewing the product or service to make the final purchase. The satisfaction the customer gains from a purchase made via video chat, such as free video call SDK, closely reflects the process of a traditional purchase, with the added advantage of not having to travel to a storefront. This sets up the customer to make further online, video-chat-aided purchases. 

Customer Service Tips for 5 live video call app 

  1. Interacting with customers is prompt and personalized

The earlier models of in-store interactions are now rebuilt to offer live one-to-one app-based engagement with clients. Depending on the nature of your business, you can serve your customers from your office desk to a customer via his mobile phone, transforming the experience of the customer. Prompt and personalized visual interaction, especially when issues are complex, will positively impact the customers. 

  1. Integrated video chat feature on your website will allow customers to tap on a link that directs them to a customer support executive, who can then resolve the issue one-on-one. 
  1. Trained and well-informed executives on video chat calls can not only ensure effective problem solving but also generate further leads and customer loyalty. The key factor here is to train the staff to resolve common issues that customers face when using their products or services.  
  1. Online etiquette and professionalism of the video chat customer care support are vital on the video chat API platform to bring in the expected ROI as well as build relationships with the customers.  
  1. Co-browsing for complex, technical issues  

At times, when there are technical and complex issues, use advanced features such as co-browsing to resolve the problem on a customer device. This will require proper training and trust-building between the staff and the customer. When this feature is well deployed it scores well with the customer who is happy to have a problem resolved immediately and remotely with minimum fuss. 

The digital experience from a live video call app with customers is the closest in format to the traditional customer assistance. Such live interactions using free video call SDK bring immediate customer satisfaction due to immediate resolution of issues.


I hope this post with these essential customer care tips would have given you some clarity when it comes to the best video chat app for android or web apps  usage in the industry. Moving forward, now it’s time for you to see whether you prefer to have your own video chat app or not. 

And if you decide to go ahead with the one, you can look out for some free video call SDK too to choose from or go with building something from scratch. The decision is yours.

Have a Great time ahead!