Best Guide to Fix Microsoft Outlook Not Receiving Emails

Summary: Have you also encountered the prompting message “Outlook is not responding” and started solving the issue but not getting the right solution? In this article, you will find the reasons and the relevant solutions to solve Microsoft Outlook not receiving emails. We will use manual methods as well as an automatic PST Recovery Tool to fix the whole issue from the root.

As we know, Outlook has crossed the level of popularity due to its simple user interface and the functionalities which users expect from it. You can use MS Outlook in two ways: firstly, you can use Outlook for the web, and second, Outlook desktop application. However, in both scenarios, sometimes you face issues like Microsoft Outlook not receiving emails. There are many reasons subject to the given issue. So let’s discuss why MS Outlook not working properly and is unable to receive and send the email.

Effective Reasons for Outlook Not Receiving Emails

There are many situations when your Outlook mail is not responding and not receiving emails. Some of the major causes are pointed out below.

  • Security component like firewall protection has blocked incoming emails.
  • Outlook is not updated with the current version.
  • If your network connection is too slow.
  • Maybe the mailbox is full of emails.
  • If your system is not up-to-date.
  • Maybe Outlook’s server is down.
  • If an Outlook plugin is not updated.

The above-described are some of the main points which can affect your MS Outlook working process. Now, to solve the Outlook email not receiving emails issue, we will move to the next section. Sometimes users faces the error Outlook stuck on loading profile error, fix this Outlook error with the mentioned article. 

Manual Tricks to Fix Microsoft Outlook Not Receiving Emails

Here, we provide you with all the effective techniques which will work surely to fix the given issue. Follow the below-provided methods one by one and get your solution.

  • Check the Internet Connection

Many times you are unable to send or receive emails because your internet is too slow to receive or send an email. So, ensure that the internet connectivity is strong.

  • Free Up Outlook Mailbox Space

Outlook cannot receive emails when you reach the maximum limit of the Outlook inbox space. As a solution, you need to clear the mailbox space, by deleting unnecessary emails or by backing up all the important emails.

  • Update MS Outlook and Restart

Sometimes, Outlook is unable to connect with the Exchange server because the new version has some updates. That’s why you need to update Outlook and restart it to solve the issue of not getting emails on Outlook.

  • Clear the Browser’s Cache

If Outlook for Web is not running properly and hangs up frequently or shows the message “Outlook is not responding”. To fix the issue, clear your browser’s cookies and caches and restart the browser and even the system also.

  • Check the Firewall and Antivirus

Maybe the firewall rules or the settings in an Antivirus software are the reason that’s why your Outlook stopped receiving emails. So, disable the firewall settings on your system, or uninstall the plugins which you have recently added in Outlook.

The above solutions are sufficient to resolve your issues of Outlook email not receiving emails. Another side, If your Outlook PST file is corrupted, go with PST Recovery Tool to recover the 

damaged .pst files quickly.


Through this article, we provide you with all the major issues why you are unable to receive emails in Outlook and also furnish effective manual techniques on it. After that, we have provided you with a great software solution, if you have a corrupted or damaged Outlook PST file and want to access all the emails and other data by recovering it. We hope you get all whatever you want to solve the mentioned query of Microsoft Outlook not receiving emails.