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WordPress a Content Management System and Gatsby the Static website Generator are completely different approaches for website development. On one aspect there’s a monolithic approach of web development and on the opposite, there’s the static website being on the top of the market with Jamstack technology. The two completely different approaches could be a remarkably fascinating combination in Jamstack technology wherever the front and back-end makes the proper sense with Gatsby WordPress website templates.

The lead with Gatsby JS SSG 

Gatsby being Static website generator will take the data or the content from any source and once the WordPress is being employed as headless CMS having genus Apis like GraphQL it becomes good try. Gatsby has some sensible plugins to supply knowledge from CMS like WordPress.  Jamstack websites come up with latest techniques, styles and fashionable technology wherever they benefit the companies in a powerful range of how.

Questions about managing Gatsby WordPress Websites

Many people get confused about the combination of using two different platforms.

  1. Some developers realize pleasure in developing on WordPress once more attributable to mistreatment it as an information centre.
  2. A WordPress website that’s being hosted on Netlify with some appealing options could be a dream come back true.
  3. Some pages are often created static with alternative are often loaded dynamically through Gatsby WordPress themes.
  4. The plugin that’s utilized by WordPress for managing the association in terms of genus Apis is GraphQL that’s Gatsby friendly plugin. Some developers conjointly believe that can|there’ll} be various ways of connecting them within the same economical manner and Rest genus Apis will trigger the association.
  5. The web site content got to be pushed on a platform like Github and bitbucket that is a code generator and also the SSGs browse the code in terms of hypertext markup language files.

Building Website with Gatsby WordPress template

However, the user might not essentially grasp the event techniques, languages and alternative skills to try to to the required.

  • Building a web site on Jamstack Themes would be another massive story wherever you’ll be employing a complete package of WordPress, Gatsby, GraphQL APIs and also the hosting and alternative installations.
  • Some platforms providing built-in and no-code solutions along with the proper marketplace for non-developers
  • While the developers and also the school freaks would dig things bent learn additional concerning the technology.
  • Gatsby WordPress themes are also build using the jamstack architecture with no-code technology to facilitate the businesses and individuals.


The Jamstack websites aren’t a seasonal treat which will vanish in the air when it slow, it’s here to remain with its advantages that is removing the drawbacks of the opposite web site and application development architectures to a bigger extent.

The front-end and also the back-end being separated creating the web site supported microservices is that the latest design for development that’s for easy the planning, development and promoting groups similarly. All the advantages close to form a web site and technology an enormous success. Things work as long as communities are functioning on creating enhancements.

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