June 29, 2022

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Get the best car leasing deals in Chennai

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Owning and managing a car in a metro city is increasingly becoming complex and tricky. At the same time, in a city like Chennai where the reach of public transportation still hasn’t been far and wide, having your own car becomes a necessity. This is where the option of leasing a car becomes the most promising alternative. Here are the top 5 ways you can get yourself the best car leasing deals in Chennai –

  • Go for a trusted lease Brand: With car leasing becoming more and more popular there has been a lot of up-and-coming companies that have cropped up in the market recently. In such a scenario it becomes imperative to not just get lured by the super lucrative offerings by these newbies but to consider the authenticity, credence, and reliability of their offerings. Going with an established brand that has a proven track record would make sure you get the most value for money and the best services for the entire tenure of your lease.
  • Choose your lease tenure wisely: Going for a longer period of leasing will reduce the monthly rental you’ll be paying while in a shorter lease agreement, you’ll be paying a much lesser amount when considered holistically. Opting for a longer lease will inevitably involve extra damage and wear and tear of the car which can mean more money. But ultimately, your choice should be made based on your specific needs but keeping in the mind the pro and cons of both tenures is a must. 
  • Consider your annual mileage: One of the first things you’ll be asked while leasing a car is your annual kilometers that you are likely to cover. Choosing a lower annual mileage will fetch you a deal with reduced monthly rentals. You can calculate your annual mileage by multiplying how much you drive on an average in a week by 52, adding 3% extra for unpredictable and unaccounted kilometers. 
  • Go for available cars: It may seem like a downer to settle for the cars available in the stock of dealerships but the benefit of choosing these cars is the quick access and easy affordability they offer. Also, the time from when you sign the agreement till you get access to the car is minimum with available cars. So not only do you get the car quick but you can get yourself a good deal on an “in stock” car because dealers are also wanting to lease that car as soon as they can. This could turn out to be a great leasing deal in Chennai. 
  • Be on the lookout for special deals: Time to time, lease dealerships keep coming up with special festive offers. For example, Pongal is one of the most festive times in Chennai and you can get a great car leasing deal in Chennai during these times. Similarly, you can find various other special deals throughout the year which can get you a great discounted deal for your leased car. 

Looking for a great value for money leasing deal that also has the trust of thousands of customers? Avis LEASE is your best bet to get an attractive car leasing deal in Chennai. Head to the website https://www.avislease.in and check out from a range of offers and services. 

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