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Affordable Health Insurance Mississippi

If this is your first time looking for Affordable Health Insurance Mississippi, you might be seeking what everybody calls universal healthcare. It’s supposed to be a thing, right? We have some bad news: Contrary to popular belief, the U.S. Government doesn’t provide free healthcare for either citizens or visitors. Whenever you get medical care, somebody pays for it, which is where health insurance comes in. 

What Is Health Insurance?

Let’s say that one day, an unfortunate accident results in you breaking your leg. The proper treatment can cost you upwards of $3000, even if you don’t need any surgery. If you need to stay in a ward for several days to recover, that figure multiplies itself several times. 

There’s a highly complex definition, but we’ll make it simple for you: health insurance protects you from owing vast sums of money to healthcare institutions. In most cases, you get health insurance by making monthly payments called “premiums.” In exchange, the insurance company pays your medical bills to your PCP. Affordable Health Insurance Mississippi can give you the best insurance policies.

Wait, What’s a PCP?

After you initially get a Genuine Health Insurance Broker from TrueCoverage, you’ll be able to choose from several care providers who are part of their network. Your new PCP could be a practicing physician or even a nurse practitioner qualified to provide healthcare services. 

All the healthcare you receive from your insurance will come from your PCP. For example, if you need a lab test or a physical exam, you’ll contact your Primary Care Provider and make an appointment with them. 

Do I Have to Make Appointments?

Yes! Unless your Primary Care Provider started last week, they’d usually be swamped with patients or busy with their employment at a healthcare institution. In most cases, you’ll need to call their office and make an appointment first, where you’ll explain why you need the appointment. We should say, though, that this sounds much more ominous than it is. 

If you’re hurt or possibly sick, you’ll get your appointment as soon as possible. On the other hand, routine physical exams can take a couple of days and even stretch to two or three weeks in extreme cases. 

Didn’t I Hear Something About Healthcare Being Mandatory?

You’re not wrong. Previously, Americans who weren’t ineligible due to exceptional circumstances were required by law to have health insurance for their entire family (and themselves). This was mandated by the Affordable Care Act, which would have triggered a tax penalty if you didn’t have health insurance. 

It wasn’t all bad, though: The ACA also allowed citizens to create a premium tax credit to help with some of the bills of receiving healthcare. This changed in 2019, however, when the government removed the tax penalty from the Affordable Care Act. The ACA still exists, but you’ll no longer be fined for not having health insurance. 

So You’re Telling Me I Don’t Need Health Insurance?

That’s not what we’re saying at all. Health insurance isn’t just a good idea: it can be lifesaving in the right circumstances and save you from owning tens of thousands of dollars to care, practitioners. How and why, you ask? We thought you would, which is why we’ve prepared some of the biggest reasons why you should buy health insurance today:

State-Imposed Health Insurance Requirements

No, we’re not kidding. Several U.S. states have passed mandates after the ACA requiring their residents to have health insurance at all times. The states that require health insurance coverage are:

  • Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island
  • California
  • Vermont
  • New Jersey

Besides these five states, Washington, D.C., also requires residents to have health insurance coverage. Most of these places made getting it more accessible, though, through state-run health insurance marketplaces.

Accidents Don’t Wait for Convenient Times

Even if you’re in excellent health, it’s essential to have at least some basic form of health insurance at all times. The biggest reason, disregarding even state requirements, is that accidents and unexpected illnesses can end up costing you thousands that you don’t have. 

It Gives You Access to Preventative Measures

A side, but no less significant, benefit of health insurance is that it gives you access to preventative services. Shots, vaccines, screening tests, and several other medical tests come free with most health insurance plans, allowing you to keep yourself safe from diseases. 

Final Words

You’ve got to understand a candid fact: not being required to have health insurance doesn’t mean that it isn’t helpful for you. For those without health insurance, we highly urge you to look up plans and providers in your area and make space in your budget for a health insurance plan. 

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