Give long lasting Protection to your damaged teeth with Aesthetic Fillings!

A beautiful & radiant smile adds a lot of confidence and positivity to the overall personality. On the other hand, having crooked, missing, misaligned, and stained teeth lead to lower-self-esteem and lower self- confidence. If you are unhappy with your dental appearance due to any reason, we have proper solutions for you.  Whether you need solution for the missing tooth or looking for some cost-effective smile designing surgeries, our painless & affordable dental treatments would suit your pockets.

Earlier people often used sticks to clean the surface of their teeth, some even use early prototypes of toothbrush with animal hair as bristles, people also included the use of powder on their teeth before the invention of toothpaste, spider juice was used as a tooth ache remedy made of spider’s eggshells, used crushed bones, oyster shells, salt, charcoal and so many such kind of the remedies were used at that time. But can we imagine these kinds of the remedies in today’s scenario?

Do we have much time in today’s Lifestyle to opt for these kinds of remedies? In today’s hectic schedule we have to opt for some of the solutions, different modern technologies, tools which do not take as much time and can provide relief as well as soon as possible like aesthetic fillings but now thankfully we have this solution available at Garg’s Dentario.

What does aesthetic fillings mean?

Aesthetic or tooth coloured fillings are a technique which helps to restore the function of teeth by ensuring their strength and it also helps in Restoration of teeth without damaging dental tissue. It is one of the most effective dental treatments which is quick and this procedure requires minimum invasion resulting in restoring your beautiful smile. This aesthetic filling treatment is very safe and Highly Effective treatment that preserve the natural tissue of the teeth.

How aesthetic fillings helps you to restore your smile?

Garg’s Dentario uses aesthetic fillings which helps to restore the tooth damage like change into colour shape clearness as well as chipped tooth and damage caused by tooth decay. Other common problems that are covered by aesthetic fillings are filling gaps in tooth and pigment and fillings.


Tooth decay not only confined to dental problems but it also gives birth to other problems apart from it it also reduces the beauty of your smile. By the use of aesthetic fillings, it helps to control damage caused by tooth decay and give you a perfect picture smile.

Tooth-coloured fillings matches with your original teeth colour

This aesthetic filling matches with your original colour of teeth which Heights your problem of tooth decay.

Quick procedure

This aesthetics filling procedure is very quick and fast. Besides, it also ensures that your teeth remain active and their filling is retained.

Fits altogether with the tooth material.

This filling material perfectly mixes with the tooth material and does not come out in the form of granules.

long lasting or permanent Solution

The life of aesthetic filling is long lasting and remains longer in duration.

Non allergic

The technique of Aesthetic fillings is non allergic in nature.

Clears dental tissue problems

This procedure prevents and cures all your dental issues like bleeding gums, decayed tooth cavities and other dental problems.

  • Protects from further damage

Aesthetic Fillings is one of the best preventive treatments to protect your teeth from damage and helps you in restoring the tooth and ensuring that your dental health is protected from further tooth problems and it also helps you to restore your smile.

Thankfully here at Garg Dentario, you will be getting cost effective and painless dental treatments by our highly experienced doctors.