Top Driving factors For Building A Gojek Clone App For Your Multi-Service On-Demand Business in Kenya

Do I have to get an App for my On-demand Multi-service Business in Kenya? Is it really necessary to develop an app for my business? Isn’t it costly to create a Super App? 


Relax!! Breathe! All of these queries and your other concerns will be answered here in this blog. And Yes, it is a plus thing to have an app and no it is not costly to develop an app that handles 101+ On-demand Services seamlessly in one go.

Due to the rapid speed of digitization, mobile applications now account for roughly 58% of all online traffic globally. Mobile apps are transforming the way many businesses operate, from social networking to utility, leisure, and news.

Many companies’ entire business models now rest on mobile App like Gojek, while for others, they constitute an essential part of the infrastructure that underpins their operations. Overall, mobile apps have proven to be crucial elements of the business and digital worlds.

Why Develop All in One Multi-services App For Your Business?

Every day, the market for mobile apps expands and gets greater, and on top of it the daily essential apps. About 230 billion mobile apps were downloaded in 2021, according to reports.

This information unequivocally demonstrates that customers are increasingly favoring On-demand Apps like Gojek as their preferred method for accomplishing day-to-day tasks. Because of this, the majority of companies now have a mobile app specifically designed to draw in more customers.

Amplify Your Presence

Most customers spend 5 to 6 hours per day using their smartphones. Even while users spend the majority of this time on a select few apps, they may still glance at your app while browsing other apps on their phones.

This might not seem like much at first, but wait until you consider the long-term benefits.

Our brain records every text and image we see daily without our conscious awareness. If users frequently see your app on their phones, they are more likely to recall your brand name. Your brand’s exposure and visibility will subsequently increase naturally as a result.

It improvised the user engagement

User experiences are crucial to any company’s growth. Every change you make to your digital platform aims to improve the user experience.

Thanks to its engaging and user-friendly UI/UX, V3Cube’s Gojek Clone App has a better design that is more fluid and offers a seamless browsing experience, increasing user happiness. A satisfied client is more likely to use your services again in the future.

More revenue generation

It is a big thing that you are providing your customer with more than 100 services. You will consequently receive a substantial commission for each service. The app’s owner will also be able to increase their income owing to multiple sources of income. This includes anything from shipping fees to cancellation fees to ad banners to loyalty programs.

It puts you ahead of the competition

Many companies have not yet created the Super App or only have an app with limited services. Offering 101+ services is a major thing that will delight your consumers and eliminate the need to keep other apps on their phones. The app has updated UX/UI that facilitates smooth operation and the newest technological capabilities.

You eventually cultivate loyal customers

Customer loyalty is a further important incentive to develop your mobile application. Due to the overwhelming volume of advertisements that are displayed on billboards, roadside banners, magazines, flashing signs, coupons, flyers, website banners, email marketing, and Facebook, businessmen gradually lose their ability to influence customers. On the other hand, it’s a good time to establish genuine relationships with customers by offering All in One App that addresses their day-to-day hustles. They end up using your service frequently as a result.

Wrapping Up

Have you had a chance to sample the numerous benefits of creating your business mobile app? The best course of action is to work with a reputable app development business. Regardless of your choice, mobile apps have become the norm for virtually all organizations. Your choice today will set the stage for future success for your business in Kenya. You get to choose whether you want to be the first or not.