May 24, 2022

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How to Identify a Good Personal Injury Lawyer

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New lawyers graduate and emerge in the profession every year. New problems and injury claims emerge every day. The demand for lawyers never lessens. But not everyone gets the same treatment. There are okay lawyers, good lawyers, and great lawyers. These days, it becomes hard to find the lattermost. Mainly because in the ever-complicated web of legalities, it becomes hard to understand exactly what kind of qualities you want in your lawyer. 

So, if you or someone you know have been in an unfortunate accident and need legal representation, how do you identify a great personal injury lawyer? What exactly are the characteristics that a great lawyer possesses?

We have created a list of characteristics that a great personal injury lawyer has so that we might be able to aid you in your search:


It might seem obvious but keeping this factor at the forefront of your mind will keep you focused on finding someone who is good at extrapolation and critical thinking. They must also be able to think fast when presented with new information so that they can adjust the parameters of the case accordingly. Good judgment in a lawyer can also allow them to strengthen their argument and respond intelligently.


There is a lot of information to take in, process, evaluate, extrapolate from and then make conclusions of in the field of law. There are many ways a situation can go depending on the factors. Especially when it comes to personal injury claims where so many factors can decide the outcome of the claim. Possessing keen analytical skills allows for a deep understanding of those factors and preparing for all possible outcomes. 


As previously discussed, a situation can go many ways depending on the factors; this is where heavy research is required to do said analysis. Keeping the needs of the client in mind, a great lawyer does the research fully and without bias and extracts ways from that research to supplement their own case. Legal strategies are based on research and analysis and without the basis of research, the legal strategy will be a weak one, which will only serve to damage the client’s case.


You can have all the research, and all the legal strategies, but they’re all useless if your lawyer can’t get their point across. Good communication skills are arguably the most important aspect of being a great lawyer. Oral articulation, persuasion skills, listening skills, all hold weight in legal proceedings. And communication skills aren’t just limited at an oral level, they must also be available at a written level. Every good lawyer knows how to write a legal document, but only great lawyers know how to persuade the person reading the document containing the facts. In injury claims such as this, communication becomes so much more important to get the plight of the client across.


When it comes to the personal side of legal proceedings, you want a lawyer to be professional. Professionalism, in this sense, means total objectivity and full attention to the case that they are handling. This will allow the legal proceedings to move as quickly as they can from your (the client’s) side. At HD Claims, our lawyers take their job very seriously, and every case is treated with the same attention and importance. 


This ties into communication. Clarity is an important thing and one you should definitely expect from your lawyer. It is, after all, your case that your lawyer is handling. And, therefore, your lawyer should be fully keeping you in the know with regards to your case and all the developments that occur within it.


Being a lawyer is not easy. It takes patience, and it takes a certain kind of mindset. Claims and settlements can take time to conclude. Through all this, your lawyer should have the ability to stay focused and attentive towards your case. In such circumstances, there should be no margin for error, as it is your case at stake.


These are just some of the qualities that every great lawyer has. A lawyer can have all the degrees and qualifications, but if they do not have the above-mentioned characteristics, then their work will never reach the levels of a great lawyer. 

At HD Claims, we offer brilliant Personal Injury Lawyers in Glasgow that are here to help you navigate your claim and the legal proceedings that come with submitting such a claim. 

If you or someone you know is looking for a personal injury solicitor, contact us now.

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