An Ultimate Guide to Start a Freelancing (on the Side) Business in 2022

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Do you want to earn a little more money?

Are you planning to go with freelancing?

Have you got the skillset and experience in your relevant field? 

These are some of the questions that every job-doer would be thinking about. Since the concept of freelancing has emerged rapidly after the pandemic, this is definitely a good idea to go for it even if you are bound with a 9-5 job. 

Freelancing is basically a growing idea of working remotely from anywhere and for anyone. The availability of online platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Guru has also made the process quite easier. With secure payment gateways, legit profiles, and strict rules; one can think about doing a side hustle after office hours. 

If you have got the right skills and you are thinking about launching a freelance business then this is the right time to quench this golden opportunity. We have compiled a comprehensive guide for you that could help you to start a side business in 2022. Let’s dive deep in! 


Be it the hiring of a proficient personal statement writer or a talented logo designer, you will get everything on the freelancing forums. This aggressively growing business has now become the personal favorite of so many workers and they have already bit a farewell to their jobs. Moreover, the pandemic has also fueled the hiring of independent professionals belonging to a range of industries. 

We have jotted down 10 quick tips that would help you to start a freelancing business in 2022. Have a look. 

Keep your goals defined:

Creating achievable goals is the very first tip of getting into the freelancing business. One needs to define his objectives before stepping into this industry. If you want to earn money, set the attainable targets and start working on them beforehand. In this way, your path would get polished and you will learn how you should move ahead. Also, you will gain a broader vision to do a side hustle. 

Select a profitable niche:

Another most important factor to start the freelancing business is to think about the unique and money-spinning options. Look around for the industries that are paying the individual workers handsomely. You can launch a CV writing service as well if you are skilled in producing good content. If you are good at developing websites, creating logos, writing content; then you can provide these services too. 

Target the right type of clients:

Before stepping in the shoes of a freelancer, think about your audience. Targeting the right type of customers is more important nowadays as this would decide your pay scale and income. Make sure that you are choosing the right platform for the right type of service provision. Strengthening the LinkedIn profile can also help you here to get the clients for the side hustle. 

Mark affordable prices for the services:

Always remember, making a long jump in this side hustle won’t make you successful at all. Take baby steps towards the top and start from scratch. If you have got the skills then start the services by bidding yourself at cheap and affordable prices. This would bring you more clients and with the time, you will gain experience which would allow you to charge more for your services. 

Build a great sample or portfolio:

Your samples and portfolio play a vital role in building your freelance profile. You need to showcase your expertise, accomplishments, and past achievements to impress the client at very first sight. This would allow the client to access your past attainments and he would feel relaxed to share his project with you. This is simply a proof of your expertise. 

Choose the first client keenly:

While working as a freelancer, choose your first client very carefully. Ensure his profile that he is not a scam and is not doing any fraud with you. Furthermore, do not get exploited by working at very cheap rates for anyone as this could harm the growth of your profile and clients would only come to you for the cheap rates. Maintain a balance between your work, prices, and client selection. 

Stay professional with the work:

Professionalism is the key to success in the field of freelancing. You need to stay humble, polite, yet careful while dealing with the clients that you have gained from the certain freelancing platform. Also, learn about the privacy and agreements that certain freelancing forums abide by. This would help you in maintaining professionalism across the business. 

Ask for the testimonials:

Once you have completed the order and your client is all satisfied with the performance, delivered outcome, and prices; ask him to leave a testimonial for you. This could be a positive, encouraging, and compelling kind of review on your profile which would impact your rating and ranking. With the help of more positive reviews, you can get an expanded customer base for your side business. 

Maintain the quality of your services:

No matter what type of service you are giving to your clients, maintain the quality and standard of your work! There should be no compromise on quality for the sake of money or prices. Build your loyal client base by providing outstanding services. Take a slow start and you would excel gradually in your industry and field along with the growth of your side business.

Don’t let freelancing takeover your mental peace:

Freelancing or independent service provision is done to earn more money on the side. This is something which you do after your office hours or when you are free. So, do not allow freelancing to take over your mental peace. If you find it tiring and feel that it is not manageable anymore, do not proceed with it and discontinue the work. You can resume it once you are good to manage everything.  


Freelancing is here to stay and would continue to grow in 2022. This comprehensive and definitive guide is going to help you understand the basic rules of starting a freelancing business. Understand these 10 tips to get started with the new side hustle of your life. Make sure that you have chosen a profitable niche and platform for the side business.