A Comprehensive Guide To Stretch Therapy

We are all suffering from poor posture. We walk into work, bow down to our computers for the entire day, and then at night when we leave in our cars that pull out of snow. It’s a global phenomenon!

In many offices, restaurants, and gyms forward head posture is common. If this isn’t taken into account then injury rates increase as well as breathing and mood suffer from the poor habits that are created by having a slouched body position. Additionally performance suffers because of these negative effects on the human body which reduce all aspects of physical ability including strength endurance coordination flexibility balance speed power agility quickness accuracy timing reaction time anaerobic capacity aerobic energy release etc.

Benefits Of Stretch Therapy:

  • Stretching Will Help: 
  • The pain is reduced. 
  • The risk of injury is reduced. 
  • Tense muscles must be reduced or eliminated. 
  • Joint stiffness can be reduced or eliminated. 
  • Make you more powerful 
  • Elevate your stature 
  • Healthier bones 
  • Range of motion is improved

Assisted Stretch

Nowadays, stretch Therapy has become a crucial part of our pursuit for optimum health and wellbeing. As we age or experience stress/injury from everyday life, more people have learned to recognize the benefits of an assisted stretch session with a qualified practitioner that can help them achieve these goals.

Yoga is a corrective system that uses assisted stretching and strengthening exercises to bring the whole body back into balance. Stretching has been found to be one of the most effective ways to improve flexibility, but Yoga takes it further by keeping hold times at or less than two seconds so your protective stretch reflex doesn’t kick in.

Reach Stretch studio focuses on developing a team of experienced and certified individuals who can prescribe specific stretching methods for each client. They use patented equipment to accurately position the muscles while isolating, stabilizing, and manipulating them in order to produce results.

With our professionals, You will receive a customized stretching treatment that best suits your body and flexibility goals. Before the session, you’ll talk about past injuries as well as personal breathing techniques with your stretch therapist.

As you stretch, your hips and lower back will become more flexible. You’ll see the benefits when doing lunges or squats as to not be limited in muscle group use before. When stretching it’s a pleasant surprise that all major muscles are working well together!

One of the best things about having a partner to stretch with is that they know which parts of your body need it most. After you have been targeted and stretched, then your muscles will be more prepared for daily activities!

If you’re looking to find the right stretching studio for you, look no further than Reach Stretch Studio.