Spotting and Fixing Foundation Problems in Your Home

Foundation problems are one of the most serious types of problems you can experience as a homeowner. That means it’s also typically very scary for homeowners who don’t really know what they’re doing. If you’re worried about foundation problems, it’s a good idea to brush up on the ways in which foundation problems most commonly manifest. Here are the biggest home foundation problem signs to look out for.

Spotting and Fixing Foundation Problems in Your Home

The Eight Major Ways to Spot Home Foundation Problems

There are eight things to think about when it comes to spotting home foundation problems on your own. If you can pay attention to many of these signs, you run a much greater chance of being able to discover home foundation problems before they spiral into an extremely serious problem that you’re much less likely to be able to fix. Here are the eight most prominent ways that a home foundation problem will manifest early on.

  1. Cracks in the Walls and Floor
  2. Misaligned and Sticking Doors and Windows
  3. Gaps Between Doors, Windows, and Walls
  4. Sagging and Slanting Floors
  5. Leaning Chimney
  6. Bowing Basement Walls
  7. Musty Smells From the Basement or Crawl Space
  8. Dampness and Leaking Problems

You’ll notice that these are all things you can spot on your own, without having to contact a home repair expert first. Although you should definitely contact a home repair expert once you’ve started to see these home foundation problems, it’s always best to keep a preemptive eye out for home foundation concerns on your own first. That way, you’re less likely to end up with serious problems in the future.

The Major Causes of Foundation Concerns

Why do foundation concerns come up at all? If you’ve ever dealt with foundation concerns on your own or you’ve ever watched someone else go through foundation concerns, you probably wondered why those concerns were popping up. The truth is that there are only a few major causes of foundation concerns. More than likely, it’s going to be one of these.

  • Deterioration of Load-Bearing Walls
  • Settling From Water and Time as the Soil Expands and Shrinks
  • Soil Surging Under the Home
  • Water Damage From Flooding Basements and Internal Leaks
  • Poor Exterior Drainage Processes

These five causes of foundation concerns tend to be the most common reasons for foundation problems. You’ll notice that many of them have to do with water, which is because water is one of the biggest problems that your crawl space or basement can contend with. Water damage is extremely dangerous and it’s important to tackle it early on so you don’t have permanent foundation concerns.

Is It Expensive to Fix Foundation Problems?

There’s no way for you to get an accurate understanding of how much your foundation problems will cost to fix without talking to a home repair expert directly. However, one thing is almost for sure: if you wait, the cost for fixing those problems will go up. Most of the time, foundation fixes will start at somewhere around $3,500. That cost, however, can go up dramatically, often starting at around $10,000 for advanced fixes. The best way to stay on the lower end of that spectrum is to make sure you catch these problems early on.


As you can see, foundation problems can be very damaging to your home business tips, but they can also be relatively easy to fix if you tackle them early on. Foundation problems usually have a pretty decent leadup, which means there are usually many different signs that you’re experiencing these foundation problems. If you’re able to notice the signs and symptoms of your foundation problems, chances are that you’ll be able to fix them more easily.

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