A veritable peep into probable home-office (WFH) ergonomic combos. Recommendation

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WFH ergonomics incorporates ergonomic furniture and accessories in the most suitable manner

Now we can assert without a doubt that WFH is the defining feature of 2022. Unanimous decisions in favour of the home-office were taken by some of the world’s leading corporations during the last fortnight. This also means that home-office ergonomics will further evolve into an exclusivity. Great news to say the least. But the lion’s share of the credit goes to ergonomic furniture manufacturers who continue to lap up their offerings in sync with the WFH requirements. Their foresight is commendable.

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What makes home-office (WFH) ergonomics different?

The answer lies in the question itself. Since WFH is not a makeshift arrangement anymore, the ergonomics involved here needs to be tailored according to the respective needs. Every home-office has an element of uniqueness, be it space, nature of work, or the number of workers. So, we cannot have a generic ergonomic setup; it must be curated with exclusivity. Like a regular office, a WFH setup is also focused on employee health and productivity. And unlike a regular office, a WFH arrangement offers a better prospect of savings and returns-on-investment (ROI).

Why are people inclined towards a home-office in 2022?

The dangerous pandemic trends over the past two years made WFH a safe haven. Working in the home-office during the Coronavirus lockdowns made people realise the umpteen benefits that this working model offers. A home-office, as quoted by working professionals, offers a better chance of self-connection and interaction with family. They also feel that WFH saves a lot of travel time, energy, and costs. Additionally, a home-office is a wonderful gateway to mental peace and relaxation.

Home-office (WFH) ergonomic combos that you can try

Home-office ergonomics should be a utilitarian blend of ergonomic furniture and accessories. Only then will you be able to thrive as a WFH professional. Let’s look at some of the probable combinations.

Standing desk, footrest, and an ergonomic mouse

The awesome threesome! A standing desk is probably the most iconic of all ergonomic furniture, as it incorporates the age-old stand-and-work technique. A standing desk is height-adjustable and works wonders in posture improvement. It keeps the end-users active thereby eliminating the likelihood of diabetes, obesity, hypertension and cardiac ailments. What’s more, a standing desk looks appealing; enhances mood and confidence; bolsters productivity; and fosters profitability by negating medical expenses and furniture replacement costs.

Meanwhile, an ergonomic footrest wipes-off foot aches, fatigue, and soreness of the soles. Ergonomic footrests are very easy to use; you just need to place them underneath the standing desk. You just have to place your aching feet on them intermittently and spring back into action. This is what makes ergonomic footrests the best allies of standing desks. On the other hand, an ergonomic mouse provides the best grip as you can spread your palm all over for maximum comfort. Ergonomic mice are smooth, versatile, economical, and help in battling wrist tension and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Ergonomic chair, chair mat, and keyboard

While WFH is comforting, it draws people to the couch, which results in backpains. Here, ergonomic chairs can be instrumental in attaining fitness, as they are equipped with lumbar (lower back) support. Ergonomic chairs are fitted with headrests and armrests for maximum physical and mental comfort. Moreover, they rest on five-wheels, thereby ensuring easy mobility. Ergonomic chairs have three basic variants; leather, mesh, and vinyl. While the leather chairs look sophisticated, their mesh counterparts have a minimalistic appeal. Vinyl, on the other hand, looks very graceful. Ergonomic chairs are durable, and productivity-friendly.

Significantly, a chair mat is the best way to complement an ergonomic chair. A chair mat is placed underneath an ergonomic chair’s castors and it helps in ensuring longevity and cleanliness. Ergonomic chair mats can be used on diverse surfaces. Moving on, an ergonomic keyboard is designed to provide unimpeded functionality to wrists, fingers, and forearms. Ergonomic keyboards are distinguished by innovative shapes, designs, key positioning, and economical price. They are highly versatile and very easy to operate.


These home-office (WFH) ergonomic combos can help you in many ways. You can have more permutations and combinations according to your needs.