How to Achieve a Minimalist Yet Stylish Kitchen Design?

When it comes to home renovation minimalism is sometimes the best bet. Are you also keen to follow a minimalistic design trend when redecorating the kitchen space? The natural tendency of kitchens to become cluttered can be done away with easily when you follow a simplistic design. You just have to pick the best strategies to make the kitchen visually appealing. Minimalist design has emerged as a popular trend during the last few years and the style is gradually making its way to kitchen remodelling. 

So, if you haven’t put a lot of thought into remodelling the kitchen space, get proactive during kitchen renovations in Kelowna. Although you have everything to tailor the space to your needs and wants, the design needs to be particularly effective for the kitchen space. But before choosing a simplistic style during kitchen remodelling, you have to consider a few options and discuss them with experts to get the desired outcome. 

How to create a minimalistic kitchen during home renovations in Kelowna:

Change the colour scheme 

One of the key aspects of kitchen design is using a neutral colour palette, which means that you need to stick to shades like black, grey, white, and beige that are timeless and calm.  Moreover, it will encourage a spacious feel in the kitchen without overdoing the design concept. If you want to stay safe with your choice of colours, use white or change the kitchen lights. Rethinking the colour scheme can be a daunting task, especially when you are trying to make the kitchen look simpler. All that you need to know is that the colour you choose needs to make the kitchen look spacious. 

Storage solutions 

Focus on high-quality storage solutions when creating a minimalist kitchen. But the key aspect would be to keep everything out of sight. For home renovations in Kelowna BC, your aim should be to make the kitchen and above all the countertop clutter-free. You need to install cabinets with appropriate storage space and search for drawers with built-in organisers to keep the cutlery and kitchenware neatly. From storage solutions to pull-out drawers, you need to make the most of every inch of the kitchen. 

Using textured materials for flooring 

One of the things to remember during kitchen renovations is adding textured materials. From wood, and concrete, to stone, you need to choose an option that makes your space interesting. Another reason is that textured materials are strong and durable.  You need to decide what kind of look you desire while keeping the luxurious look desirable. 

Stick to open shelves

Open shelves are ruling kitchen designs, thanks to the emerging trends of minimalism. When shelves stay open, you will find it much easier to organise your stuff and keep everything neatly as your kitchenware becomes visible. If you have been waiting for a long to create a spontaneous and free ambience at home, you can have shelves made from wood or metal that last longer. If you are waiting to connect with renovation companies in Kelowna to install open shelves, rely on Align West Homes. They have been doing a marvellous job when recreating kitchens and are one of the most trusted renovation experts to help you design a luxurious but simplistic kitchen. 

Say goodbye to round knobs 

Ready to streamline the kitchen design and already had discussions with Kelowna home builders?  Install a plain door in the kitchen with solid shades without knobs. But if you are curious about the handle, install a bar-like structure instead of the round knobs. 

Eliminate extra furniture

The kitchen is deemed to be a place where you can install all the necessities. You need to install several cabinets to ensure that everything goes well with the minimalistic design. But you need to make sure that every add-on is designed to meet your needs. Therefore, the best option would be to ditch the old furniture and replace it with better options. During kitchen renovations, keep an eye on the things you will no longer need in the kitchen. The more you eliminate the better it is to make the space functional. 

Although a minimalist works well in every part of your house, the best option would be to implement a simple design in your kitchen when recreating the space. With a streamlined kitchen design, you will find the right balance of functionality and aesthetics in your living space. Just remember to use the right design when embracing simplicity and make it stand out from the rest of your house.

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