How Gojek Clone Helps To Increase Your Business Revenue?

Just as high-intensity nocturnal thunderstorms have time and again stunned the world with its life-threatening lightning, Gojek Clone App has stirred up a major disruptive force and changed the dynamics of the on-demand service industry. Entrepreneurs are at war with each other for who gets their hands on this All-In-One-Services app first. 

The question here is why entrepreneurs world-over are head over heels in love with this app?

Because it’s a guaranteed profit-making investment. The whole credit for this goes to its business models. This App has curated and designed two business models that lets everyone share a slice of success!

  1. The App Owner earns Commissions on every single order placed

Service Providers have to pay a certain percentage of the revenue earned from every single service provided or order delivered to the App Owner. The App Owner enjoys the sole exclusive right to decide what commission rate to charge from different Service Providers based on the genre of the service offered. There is no standard one fixed commission rate for all the Service Providers.

  • 10 % Commission rate for Barbers

Hazel Cox is a 21-year old student doing her bachelors in Psychology from University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She has come home heartbroken during the Spring Break. Her boyfriend Douglas who studies Biology at the same University has left her for his high-school crush Ashley. Hazel is deeply disturbed and is crying her eyes out. That’s when three of her best friends come to her place in Sargent Street of Beatrice.

Nicole who grew up with Hazel recommends her to get a breakup bob haircut 

And dye her hair in Burgundy shade.

Nicole opens her Gojek Clone App and books an appointment with an experienced Barber Stella Jones. While the barber is on her way, her second best-friend Sarah orders Premium Chocolate Rum Cake from Beatrice Bakery Co using the same on-demand multi-services app and makes the payment of $51.645 via the in-app wallet.

Because it was a prepaid order, the Delivery Driver attempted contactless delivery in just under 10 minutes. And before leaving, reminded Sarah to go through the invoice.

Sarah is bad at math but still tries

Products/Services                                                                                Charges in $

  • Premium Chocolate Rum cake                                                               $26.95
  • Delivery Charges                                                                                       $10
  • Packaging Charges                                                                                  $10
  • 10 % Tax on the Total Bill

Total bill comes out to be = $26.95 + $10 + $10 = $46.95

10 % of $46.95 = $4.695

Hence the overall bill is = $46.95 + $4.695

                                         = $ 51.645

Therefore, Beatrice Bakery Co owes 10% of $51.645 to the App Owner. (These Commission Rates are decided by the App Owner only)

Beatrice Bakery Co pays $5.1645 to the App Owner as Commission via the in-app wallet.

While all four gals are gorging on the tasty succulent Chocolate Rum cake, DoorBell rings! Barber Stella Jones has arrived!

Stella first washes her hair in lukewarm water with Morocconoil Smoothing Shampoo and then applies Morocconoil Intense Hydrating Mask and asks her to sit patiently for next 10 minutes.

While Stella waits for the Hydrating Mask to do its magic, she tells Hazel that her hair has split-ends and is extremely frizzy.

Breakup Bob Haircut it is! Hazel, it’s time to move on

Stella took 45-long minutes to get the perfect blunt bob cut for Hazel. And she is falling in love with her again! She looks gorgeous with the haircut.

Now it’s Burgundy Time!

Hazel wants to opt global colouring with Burgundy as shade of choice. She uses Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Permanent Hair Color Cream – 362 Darkest Berry Burgundy and leaves it on for another 30 minutes.

While Hazel is getting her hair dyed, Nicole asks Stella how much the total bill will come out to be. She does the math and tells her approximately $300.

Nicole checks her Gojek Clone app for charges and finds the following details:

Services Rendered                                                                                  Charges in $

  • Breakup Bob Blunt Haircut                                                                                $80
  • Global Hair Colouring – Burgundy                                                                    $150
  • Head wash with conditioner                                                                             $40
  • 10 % Tax of the total bill

Total bill comes out to be = $80 +$150 +$40 = $270

10 % of $270 = $27

Hence the overall bill is = $270 + $27

                                         = $297

Nicole pays the Barber in cash. And now, Barber Stella owes 10 % of $297 to the App Owner. Stella pays $29.7 to the App Owner instantly using the in-app wallet.

App Owner had decided 10 % Commission Rates for both the Barber and the Bakery Stores. It’s a rare coincidence because usually commission rates are different for every category of service offered.

  1. Subscription Plans are ruling the streets now!

App Owner designs Subscription Plans for its Service Providers that they can buy with just one-time payment and that depends on the validity period of the Subscription Plan. Subscriptions Plans are for a month, two-month, quarterly, half-yearly and annual Packs that come with Expiry Date. With this business model, Service Providers no longer have to pay Commission on every single service rendered.

  • Plumber Benjamin has paid $100 for a two-month Subscription Plan.

Benjamin has been able to work more and earn more because he no longer has to be stressed about giving a portion of the earnings to the App Owner. For the past 58 days, he has been enjoying the perks of this Subscription Plan. One such Perk is that if calculated cumulatively then he used to pay close to $180 to the App Owner per month.

But his Subscription Plan’ expiry is in two days.

The App had been constantly reminding Benjamin to renew his pack before it expired. He was sent in-app notifications with the “renewal” button right at the top of the App.

But his wife is expecting to deliver a child any moment 

Because Benjamin was distracted for these two days, his Subscription Plan had expired and now he can no longer accept “Plumbing Job” requests unless he buys a fresh Plan.

Hooray! A beautiful baby girl has born!


Gojek Clone App is an ATM from which you can withdraw as many dollars as you want. That’s how well-established and intricately designed this app is. The App Owner is destined to swim in money when they invest in Apps like Gojek.