October 3, 2022

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How Reactjs Became One of The Most Popular Front-end Development Frameworks

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ReactJs Defined

ReactJs was developed by Facebook in 2013. After the development, this framework was rejected by the developer community. The reason was that ReactJs used Markup and JavaScript in a single file. But after people experimented with the framework they started understanding its component-centric approach. In the version of Reactjs that was released in 2016, this framework started using Semantic Versioning. This signalled to the developer’s community that React was more stable. Reactjs has grown in popularity which is why today Fortune 500 companies are using this framework. Not just this, Facebook hires full-time developers who work on Reactjs development. Plus they also release new software versions to fix bugs.

React has come of age, and the major benefits of using Reactjs for front-end development include its capability to compose interfaces with a component-based approach that enables customization flexibility — a.k.a. “write-once, reuse everywhere” — via reusable components, which helps in speeding up development efforts. Its component-based architecture enables rapid deployment of new features with cross-functional teams, as developers can simply share their components across the enterprise, reducing building everything from scratch.

Why Should You Use Reactjs?

Reactjs provides some of the benefits that give them a competitive edge over other frameworks.


Reactjs uses a simplified approach to the web development process. React uses components, which are small pieces of code that can be reused multiple times throughout an application. This approach allows developers to create complex user interfaces without writing a lot of code.

React also has a well-defined lifecycle that separates how data is received within an application’s components from how it is displayed on a page. Most React code is written in JavaScript, but it also employs a special syntax known as JSX, which allows developers to combine HTML and JavaScript. This method makes the code easier to read and understand, making React simpler to learn than other web frameworks.

Native Approach

React Native is an open-source framework that enables React developers to create native mobile apps. React is used to develop web applications, so it is not a surprise that extensive code reusability works well with React. This means you can build iOS, Android and Web applications with the same code base.


Reactjs applications are easy to test because we can treat React views as their state functions and then manipulate that state and see how it affects the view.


Reactjs is a flexible framework that is easy to maintain due to its modular structure. Through this framework, the developers can utilise both the parts of the application ie. the client side as well as the server-side ultimately resulting in increased speed.

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Why Use Reactjs for Web Development?

As a ReactJs developer, there are numerous benefits of using React. This is a question that may arise in your mind. React has been growing in popularity. It is now being widely used as a framework for developing user interfaces. In this blog post, we’ll go through some of why you should be choosing React to develop and build stunning web applications today.

Flexibility and Compatibility

As a library for creating user interfaces in JavaScript, Reactjs can be reused across multiple platforms. React is also designed to work with pre-existing libraries or frameworks, making it an ideal choice if you’re already working with other libraries in your web development project.

Components That Can Be Reused

React provides a component-based structure in which each component represents an independent and reusable piece of code. You can create more complex components by composing smaller ones together.

Smooth Development Workflow

One of the beneficial reasons for using React.js for web development is its lightweight API, optimised for fast performance. Thus, you can create web pages with a hassle-free workflow that is rapid yet flexible enough to accommodate changes. The library’s components are straightforward to learn, so there is no learning curve.


As you can understand from its popularity, React is a very popular JavaScript library whose functionality and usage have been explored deeply by its developers so that you can use it on the web and get productivity without the hassles. A dedicated IT firm consists of talented ReactJs developers who go above and beyond in providing you with exceptional services.

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