5 Things to Consider when Buying Solar Deck Lights

One of the greatest investments to make your house look more attractive and desirable is installing solar deck lights. If it is for lighting up your deck porches, driveways, stairs and any other part of home, these are a great choice. They are easily installed and used and the best thing about them is that they are cost effective and save a lot of energy.

It runs on batteries that charges during daytime due to solar energy stores them in the solar panels and converts it into light at night automatically. They are also an eco-friendly lighting option. They add an aesthetic touch to your home visuals. But before buying them there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

Lighting Purpose

The first thing you need to address is for what purpose you are buying these lights. Whether it is for decorative purposes or solely to light up the dark areas of your house. You must also consider in what areas you want to install them. Whether you want them near the pool or on the stairway you decide.

solar deck lights

And according to the lighting area there are different types of deck lights made.  Once you are clear about what exactly you want the purchase becomes easier. If you want illuminating lights square deck lights SS7543 are a good choice.

Weather Conditions

The climate conditions in your home region can essentially affect how your solar deck lights work. On the off chance that you stay in a space that encounters more precipitation, ice, and snow, your deck lights may not capacity in the correct manner because of a low assortment of daylight.

In spite of the fact that you can track down some waterproof lights, you may wind up with faint lights around evening time if the measure of daylight isn’t sufficient. Also, the lights may not keep going for long because of an absence of enough sunlight.

Prior to buying any solar deck lights, you need first to sort out what the climate can mean for the lights you purchase. You can choose different options for regions absent a lot of daylight consistently, like utilizing low voltage lights.

Fixture Brightness

The light output of the fixture that you choose is also an important factor to consider when buying these lights. Any fixture that can produce the brightest light with less energy usage is what you should choose. The lumen count is what will tell you how bright the light will be. 100 to 120 lumens is what an excellent solar deck light should provide.

Recharge and Run Time

You need to check in how much time will the lights be fully charged and discharged. A light that discharges in a longer time than it charges is what you should prefer. The minimum charging time should be 5 hours and it should go as long as 8 hours. Deck lights that can recharge in less time will provide you with lighting even when the weather changes and there is less sunlight during the day.

Quality of Solar Panels

Quality of the solar panels is another extremely important factor to consider, you should buy deck lights with excellent solar panel quality. If the quality of the solar panels is high it will give maximum output with only small amount of energy.