A comprehensive guide for choosing the right WordPress hosting provider

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Out of the numerous websites present on the virtual platform, 28% of the websites are powered by WordPress and this number will continue to grow in the upcoming years. WordPress is one of the most powerful and easy to use Content Management System (CMS). Anyone who wishes to enter into the world of the internet goes for the most powerful CMS platform WordPress.

But when it comes to choosing the perfect WordPress hosting provider then many people get confused and end up with a wrong choice. You should know that if your website is not performing well or if it has some lags then nothing can make you successful in the online world.

If you are planning on starting a business then there are maximum chances that you will have to build a website for your business and this is where you will have to choose a content management platform for your website as there is no way you can build a website without a CMS platform. Although there are many different types of CMS platforms out there, the one’s CMS platform that stands out from the crowd is WordPress. This is one of the most popular CMS platforms out there and you should know that almost all the websites that you see on the internet are hosted on wordpress only and this is what makes this powerful S platform one of the best watches for building a professional website.

So, in this blog post, we will be looking at some parameters on which you can choose the perfect WordPress hosting provider for your business and we will also be looking at some other aspects of WordPress solution.

What are the types of WordPress hosting?

Before moving into the parameters for analyzing the WordPress hosting provider, let’s go through the types of WordPress hosting.

If you are going to choose wordpress for your website then it becomes very necessary to know about the different types of posting in this case as this will allow you to choose the best type of hostel without any second thoughts. There are many businesses out there that have picked any type of hosting from wordpress without analysing their needs and without going through the features of that hosting and this is what has led to the failure of their website even after putting in a lot of money, time and effort. So here are the two types of what was posted that you should know about.

There are basically two types of WordPress hosting:-

1. Managed WordPress hosting

2. Unmanaged WordPress hosting

In the Managed WordPress hosting, all the technical aspects of running the WordPress are managed by the host. The technical aspects include security, updates, speed, uptime, scalability, etc. The premium support is one of the best parts of the Managed WordPress hosting.

Although Unmanaged WordPress hosting provider is the cheapest form of WordPress hosting, it offers minimal features and requires more attention and maintenance. The hosting provider will only give you the hosting space and technical support when required unlike the QuickBooks hosting provider.

Now let’s have a look at some parameters on which you can judge whether your WordPress hosting provider is good or not.


One of the most important parameters which play a key role in deciding the performance and quality of a website is its speed. If a website takes more than the average time to load then it can affect your business and drive away the traffic on your website. So before choosing a WordPress hosting provider, you should go through the speed offered by the provider after the website is launched. You should know that the average time for an e-commerce website to load is 2 seconds.

If you are planning on making your website successful then you will have to make sure that your website loads quickly as if you will allow your website to keep on delaying the loading time then all the people will be interested in visiting your website will start shifting to your competitors and this is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make on the digital platform.


Another parameter to look for while choosing a WordPress hosting provider is the website uptime. You should know that a good WordPress hosting provider offers 99.9% of high uptime in this vastly moving world where even a second matters. If the uptime offered by your provider is less than anything mentioned above then it’s time for you to reconsider your choices.


One of the major concerns for most of the businesses who are entering into the virtual world is security. Due to the increasing number of data breaches and hacking cases, people have become more concerned about the security of their website and before choosing a WordPress hosting provider you should always go through the level of security provided by them.


After your website is published and is made available to the visitors, you should have a regular backup for avoiding cases such as complete data loss. A regular data backup will help you to recover your data in case of any disaster whether it is natural or man-made. You should also know that WordPress hosting comes with an additional add-on Codeguard for automatic data backup.

So, if you have chosen a WordPress hosting provider for your website then you can judge their performance on the parameters mentioned in this article and if you are going to choose a provider, then look at these parameters before making your choice.

By choosing the right type of wordpress hosting provider there are many benefits that you are going to get any two will allow you to increased not only the traffic of your website but even the ranking of your website as well and does will be able to make the most of your move to the digital platform without burning a hole in your pocket or without losing focus on the core competency of your business.