How To Clean Your Outdoor Area Rug Like A Pro

Your outdoor rugs battle with the green mildew, mould, dirt and stains every day. These floorings get stained or collect dirt particles no matter how careful you are. It’s natural for your outdoor carpeting to get dirty within a few weeks. But we have got your back with our super-effective rug cleaning remedies.

How to Clean Your Outdoor Rug with Baking Soda?

Baking soda is one of the top stains and odour removal, especially in the case of rugs and carpets. It dissolves dirt, sticky substances and even grease from any surface. Also, it doesn’t leave scratches or similar marks on flooring after a wash.

Cleaning Supplies

  • Baking Soda
  • Cleaning Brush
  • A Hose with a jet

1. Soak your flooring with the hose.

2. Spread baking soda on dark and stained patches. Use as much soda as you want.

3. Use the brush to scrub the patches in the direction of your rugs weave to prevent frying.

4. Wash your rug with a jet hose.

5. Air-dry the flooring to remove all traces of water or moisture.

Isn’t it simple to clean your outdoor carpetings? Knowing your rug’s history and making help you keep it clean. However, it would be best to consider hiring a professional rug cleaning services Melbourne for inspection and deep cleaning treatment. These remedies may work well for some rugs and may ruin others. So, it’s better to consult rug cleaning experts. Read the care label of your flooring and ask the manufacturer for more details.

How to Remove Mould and Mildew from an Outdoor Flooring?

White Vinegar has the property to clean mildew or mould from any surface. It also acts as a deodoriser for many floorings. Its acidic properties can liquefy solid materials like dirt and glue. Here is how you can use this cleaning solvent for outdoor rug cleaning:

1. Pour white Vinegar on a mould or mildewy rug.

2. Leave the flooring for an hour.

3. Make a mixture of warm water and Vinegar.

4. With a scrub, brush off the carpeting thoroughly.

5. Wash the rug with a garden hose till you see the results. 

You may not have to worry about mould growth if you have synthetic rugs. However, with wool or cotton rugs, the chances of infestation are more. Even mildew resistant rugs can grow mould mildews. So, follow these steps or directly callrug cleaning services Melbourne to get rid of mould or mildew growth.
Why Hire Professionals for Outdoor Rug Cleaning?

Home remedies may not work well for all types of rugs. Every flooring is different and woven with unique fabrics. Using an exact treatment for all sorts doesn’t make sense. On the other hand, rug cleaning services Melbourne can help you secure your flooring from unwanted damages.

Professional cleaning treatment is a must before storing off your outdoor rug. So, contact experts and take care of your valuable flooring. The rug cleaning experts inspect your carpeting and decide a plan to clean it with suitable solvents and techniques.