October 26, 2021

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How to Convert NSF to PST File with Free Methods?

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convert nsf to pst

In this article, we are going to discuss the free method to convert NSF to PST files. Let’s start Lotus Notes vs Outlook are two major email platforms. Nowadays Microsoft Outlook is more like as compared to Lotus Notes. If you are working on lotus notes and want to change your files in outlook and then you have to access your lotus notes files on Microsoft outlook This is not very easy. Lotus notes use NSF files format and Microsoft Outlook uses PST file format So, you cannot transfer your NSF files directly in outlook Because they are not comfortable with each other.

Benefits of Microsoft Outlook are: 

  • It provides us with the best client-server integration.
  • It provides a secure security for email exchange with Digitally Rights Management features.
  • It provides the same connection which is used for Microsoft Outlook and outlook web access. 
  • Single-seat management for operating systems and messaging platforms. 
  • It is more cost-effective and provides many accounts in comparison to Lotus notes.
  • MS outlook is friendly with users and it is used by both beginners and professionals.
  • During the job switch, most of the places have recommended outlook as their email client.

MANUAL Steps to Convert NSF to PST file

Convert NSF to PST file manually consider in following steps:

a) Export NSF files to CSV files

b) Import CSV files to Outlook


  1. Firstly, Launch Lotus notes application. 
  2. Go to “Mail
  3. In “Menu” go to the File option.
  4. And Select the “Export“. And the process continues to export wizards.
  5. Select between “Tabular text” and “Structural text“.
  6. To continue the export process and click  “Continue“.
  7. To end the wizard, export the mail file and Click  “Export“.



  1. First off, Launch the MS Outlook application 
  2. And go to the “File” menu Select “Import-Export “option wizard open up 
  3. Click  on the “Next” button
  4. Select the among “Comma-separated Values” and “Tab-separated value
  5. Click on the”Next” button
  6. Through the entire export wizard 
  7. Click and go to the file exported from Lotus notes 
  8. Click on the  “Finish” button


  • Firstly, Convert a file at the same time in a long process.
  • Very complex and tedious for beginner users.
  • Very time-consuming and I can’t migrate the entire data at once.
  • It Should be handled carefully otherwise you may corrupt your files.

So you have to advise using the expert suggested tool.


You can easily Export Lotus Notes Email to Outlook clients using NSF to PST Converter. It is a very safe NSF to PST without causing any moderation. The tool controls all the limitations and there is no earlier technical expertise required to use this software.


In this article, We have told you all the free methods to convert NSF into a PST file. In this, I have advised that the free method is lengthy and time-consuming. However, we have offered you an expertise method to perform the Lotus Notes to Outlook. Now it depends on you to choose any of the methods. Thanks for reading

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