October 26, 2021

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How to Create One-of-a-kind and Eye-catching Restaurant Flyer Prints

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Have you recently opened a restaurant in your local area, or maybe as an investor in a foreign country? Whatever the case, to be successful, you need to market your restaurant.

And in this industry, besides social media marketing, flyers can do wonders. You can distribute them anywhere and promote your restaurant and the food you offer.

But, hundreds of other restaurants in your vicinity are doing the same. So how can you stand out from the crowd? That’s where you need someone professional to do the job for you.

You can reach out to any renowned flyer printing company in Dubai for the best results. Or hire an individual freelancer to create an awesome flyer.

However, if you are a designer yourself and want to know how you can create eye-catching flyers for your restaurants, here’s how it’s done:

1. Do Some Research

Every creative work starts from research. Especially designing work requires research to gather ideas — result-driven ideas. Browse other restaurant websites to gather some fresh design ideas.

You can also take inspiration from the flyers that you got from a renowned brand. Once you start paying attention, you will find plenty of resources to draw a visual design of a flyer in your mind.

One thing to remember here is don’t copy-paste the design of another brand. For example, your restaurant is in Dubai and you think you will get away if you copy the design of another restaurant somewhere in Britain, you are wrong.

Your flyer will probably go on social media as well. And tourists from different countries keep coming to Dubai 365 days of the year. It will leave a bad impression if they find out your flyer design is a stolen one.

2. Pick a Feature-Rich, Easy-To-Use Tool

The next step is to pick the tool of your choice. Assuming that you know a bit about designing, you must have practiced it on a particular tool. Make sure the tool you have chosen has enough options to give your flyer an enchanting look.

Implement your design idea using the tool and iterate. Chances are you will not get it perfect on the first attempt. But you can experiment and continue to iterate. Sometimes you sway away from the design you had envisioned, but come up with something more interesting.

3. Choose High-Quality Images

Premium quality images instantly grab the attention of users. For your flyers, make sure you use high-quality, free loyalty images. You can put yummy foods and people eating them with amazing expressions on their faces.

Also, take care of the size of the images. They shouldn’t be too small or too big. Since you have to accommodate text about your business in the same area, be precise in terms of measurement when designing your flyer.

4. Persuasive Copywriting

And if you think it’s all about designing, you are wrong. Any marketing campaign remains incomplete without copywriting. You need text that can leave a long-lasting impression on the people reading your flyers.

If you are not a copywriter yourself or don’t feel confident to write the text yourself, hire a professional copywriter. Preferably someone who is a foodie, so he can get inside the mind of your audience and create text content accordingly.

Normally, for a foodie audience, you’d use powerful words evoking certain tastes while reading the flyer.

5. Use Color Psychology

Colors can evoke certain emotions in our minds. Use colors wisely in your design so you can create maximum impact. Some of the best colors you can use are green, black, yellow, blue, orange, and white.

Yellow is associated with trust and hope; orange with energy and love; purple with creativity and love; green with nature.

5. Offer Discounts

Your offer is incomplete without a discount. Of course, the purpose of distributing flyers is to promote your restaurant, so you must give something to the audience to make it a special offer.

How much discount you want to offer, it’s up to you. But do consider your competitors. If they are giving a 20% discount, you must do the same at least. And if you give more, that would be ideal.

If not sure, consult the copywriter you have hired. He will know the right words to present your offer and discount in an irresistible manner.

6. Include a call-to-action

Every flyer has a call to action. And it must be clear. Your audience should learn through the flyer what to do next if they are interested in the offer. This call to action can be something like “ visit our restaurant today,” “order online,” etc.

7. Print in High Quality

And the final step is to get your flyers printed in high quality. A quality finish is as important as everything else. What would people think if they feel the paper you have used is of cheap quality?

With a glossy finish and quality paper, you can build credibility and create a great first impression. This will reflect the quality of your food and service. Be careful when selecting any printing service for this job. Paying a few extra bucks for high-quality work is worth it!

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