October 3, 2022

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How to create a White Label Crypto Exchange Platform ?

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The global cryptocurrency in 2021 generated a revenue of 910 million dollars and is expected to reach skyscraping revenues by the year 2030.

It is actually the right time currently to invest in building a Bitcoin exchange website. Before the market becomes a tricky pathway for newcomers to step in, you should start offering profitable digital exchange between the cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Let us discuss how to make this happen as a successful business venture. 

The rise in the number of digital coins in the current scenario has proved the strength of cryptocurrencies is becoming mainstream. In 2013, only a few currencies were available due to low demands, but in 2022 the crypto-currency count has surpassed all records.

This gigantic growth is because the number of crypto enthusiasts is increasing rapidly, which newcomers along with experienced investors. Both of them hunt for convenient exchange solutions.

Types of exchanges

Let us categorise the different types of crypto exchanges as follows:

Offline exchanges 

They are the aptest way to withdraw the crypto in the real world currency’s equivalence. To do so, the user has to submit it to the exchange website. After some further verification processes, the user can withdraw their cash from traditional exchange platforms or outlets.

This kind of exchange is rare, and it is not much popular among users.

Online exchanges

Online exchanges work online and are entirely self-sufficient digital platforms that help to trade crypto by buying or selling them at specific rates on the web. They are the most typical exchange modes besides fiat currencies. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins can also be exchanged ideally.

Hybrid Exchanges

Hybrid Exchanges are an entirely new GenZ domain that is still under development process. The hybrid exchanges take the help of both DEX and CEX. It gives a relatively high transaction speed and offers liquidity of a centralized exchange along with DEX’s privacy and security assurances.

Nash exchange and Qurrex exchange are the most popular hybrid crypto exchanges.

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Key Features Embedded in A Crypto Exchange App

Some key features that will be embedded in your Crypto Exchange App are listed as follows:

1. Trading Engine

2. Crypto Wallet

3. Analytics

4. Intuitive User Interface

5. Admin Panel

6. User Authorization and Verification

How to build your own cryptocurrency exchange website?

The development of a top-notch cryptocurrency exchange development website is a bit challenging indeed. Though, you won’t need any superior technical knowledge to do the former task but let us talk about some points that can help you increase your revenue numbers.

Pointing the Problem

Start off by finding the customer’s problems and analyzing them to find effective solutions. You have keenly researched the customer’s problems. Look out for ways that will enable your app to solve the customer’s problems precisely. You also have to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of your solutions to prove that the app you create is worth the investment.

Don’t forget to analyze the risks that come along the ways of your app creation.

Choose a reliable bank.

Always choose a reliable bank for establishing partnerships: To deal with fiat money, you must deal with the correct bank or payment-providing party. Choose the bank with an acceptable number of online facilities and flexible substantial exchange rates.

Choose your crypto-exchange category.

It is quite important to select the correct crypto-exchange type to determine the functionality of your app.

We are talking about three categories here- Centralized, Decentralized, and Hybrid.

Ensure the corresponding level of security

Digital money should be protected and secured at all costs. Your website should be the ideal and safe spot for every transaction, money withdrawal, and ICO. A large number of crypto scams have been reported over consecutive years. Ensure safety from hackers at all costs.

The customer’s sensitive personal information, like credit card numbers, must be protected at all costs and should be the most important point to consider while creating your crypto exchange platform.


While launching your exchange plaform business for cryptos, you better demand your service effectively. It is easy to do that by:

  • Establishing an activity by manually creating crypto profiles through buy and selling.
  • Connecting to the networks of different exchange platforms for acquiring liquidity of all the services that are attached to it.

Launching your Online Platform

The last stage brings one to the final launching of the exchange platform technically. Remember to pick a hosting service that is right for you. The next step should be further scalings, don’t try and save on the choices of a future service provider. Order a custom solution from an ideal developer or buy a ready-made template instead.


In this post, we covered some steps that help you create your exchange platform. Contact an efficient team of developers at a renowned Crypto Exchange Platform Development Company like Suffescom Solutions Inc. to know more about crypto exchange platforms.

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