October 3, 2022

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How to Design an Interactive Website That Actually Drives Leads?

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Did you know that over 75% of people develop a company’s opinion based on the website? Meaning, if you want to gather all the attention and catch your prospect’s eye, it’s imperative to have an aesthetically-built interactive website. You can create an interactive web design using specific code threads and software.

However, one thing you need to do to make this happen is to hire remote developers. Jaded with playfulness and fun elements, an interactive website can be a great way to improve your real-time interaction and website traffic. You can add 3D scrolling effects. Video elements and an outstanding animation to keep your viewers on their toes.

So, if you are planning to revamp your basic website into something interactive, here’s how you do it. Read on the top steps to help you create an interactive website design.

Top Elements To Create An Interactive Web Design

Wondering what’s the easiest way to develop a highly interactive website? We say, use your creativity and direct your perspective to the mind of users. The crux here is to understand your audience and what they want. If you know what will interest them, you can simply run a code thread to include that element in your website.

Apart from searching to hire web developers, you must also study the market. Take notice of what competitors are planning to do. This will give you an edge over the competition and keep you at the top of your game.

That being said, here are the top elements you can use to make your website more interactive-


Here’s a fact: 94% of all impressions are usually design related. So, apart from adding a bunch of colors, you must keep in mind other things as well, like the font, overall layout and the functionality of the design.

It’s quite common for some developers to curate a design that looks amazing but is hard to navigate. So, instead of just focusing on the lay out, you must also ensure that the design is highly functional and does not hinder the overall website experience. Rather, it enhances the same.

Page Speed

It’s true that weighing your website with all the heavy elements makes the speed to crawl. However, you have to find a balance between the two. With the current technologies, you can not expect the users to stick to your website if it’s taking too much time to load.

In fact, most users expect a website that loads in less than 2 minutes. And while adding all the elements can add that functional touch to your website, you must also prioritize the speed. Factually speaking, if you decrease the website time by just one second, you can increase the conversion by 7%.


This one is pretty obvious. In fact, more than 70% of the users browse websites on their smartphones. So, to make your website totally successful, you must ensure that all your interactive elements are mobile friendly too.

Moreover, 52% of the users engage less with a company having a non-mobile-friendly website, 74% of users prefer a mobile version over and over again, and 67% of the users are more likely to come in business with you if you have a mobile-friendly website.

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Navigation Menu

Confused where to start? We say go for an interactive navigation menu. When you hire web developers, you can ask them about their experience in creating interactive websites and make a choice based on that.

An interactive navigation menu is perhaps the easiest and simplest element that can add a touch of interactivity to your web design. Moreover, it also makes the website easy to use and easy to understand.

And, you get brownie points if you can make it disappear as long as the user does not interact with it.

Search Bar

A search bar would allow your users to find easily what they are looking for. This would mean better website interaction and time-efficient features.

In fact, a search bar could be more useful than a navigation menu. However, when you include the search bar, make sure your content is easily searchable.

Internal Links

This is yet another step to making your website more interactive. Simply scatter some links all over your content, and your user will be able to access that information anytime.

What’s better is that internal linking would allow the users to access extra information, and they’ll more likely spend more time on the website to gather all the information they need. Before you hire remote developers, make sure to ask your content team to interlink the content for optimal functionality.

Interactive Tools

You can fit in interactive tools on the website to ensure regular user interaction. However, you must add a sense of meaning to all these elements. Otherwise, they will simply look out of place. You can fit in elements derived from your business objective to put a meaning behind all the elements.

Here are some of the elements that can make your website more interactive:

  • Google maps to highlight your location
  • Interactive calendars to book an appointment
  • Calculators to estimate the cost of your services


Gathering user or customer feedback can help you better understand the needs and expectations of your users. And, to make an interactive form, you add small comments like star ratings or smiley faces. The choice you make would depend upon your business’ image. If you want everything to look formal, you must stick to the stars.

However, if it’s something informal you want to go for, you can add smiley faces, hearts or something more personal to enhance the feedback form experience.

Wrapping Up

An interactive website experience can help you connect with the audience at a personal level, improve the website’s personalization, lower your bounce rate and boost awareness. A website represents your company and its values. So, to make things successful, it is imperative to hire web developers as per your needs. If you want to hire remote developers, visit us and get in touch with our offshore development center. Our team of remote developers are experienced, motivated, and trained professionals who can give your website an enticing vibe your clients so desire.

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