How to Hit a Homerun in Baseball: The Best Guide of 2022


Anyone that wants to learn how to hit a homerun in baseball isn’t alone since it’s the single coolest thing ever. Unfortunately, however, baseball home runs are also the hardest things to do. Yet there is some advice you can follow to help you make it happen.

So here are the four best tips you can follow to help you on your task to hitting home runs in baseball:

  1. Warm Up with Lighter Bats:
    Before you stand in an at-bat, you will need to loosen your body and get your head in the game. One of the best ways to help you start hitting those baseballs out of the field is to warm up.

For hitters, the practice that works the most when warming up is to do some swings with a lighter bat. Using a lighter bat, a batter can work on hitting a baseball. In addition, you could work on your stance and picture hitting different pitches in their warm-up practices.

Some studies show that warming up with a lighter baseball bat will help you increase your bat speed. Additionally, a lighter bat will help you practice hitting the best ball paths.

Achieve Better Ball & Bat Split:

At the moment of ball-bat separation, you will have the maximum torque, which will give you the most power. If you want to hit a homerun in baseball, you need a superior ball-bat split.

To get better torque, you will need to know how to hit a baseball properly. Basically, you will need to build up as much energy as possible in your legs and core so that you can speed through the strike zone.

The better your split, the longer your baseball stays in the air and the further it goes.

Get More Spin

Like ball separation making your ball spin more will help make your ball stay in the air. Additionally, the better it flies straight and lands further away, a ball with more backspin.

According to top players, coaches, and physicists, hitting a baseball with backspin will get home runs in baseball.

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Strengthen Your Body

Anyone that plays baseball will tell you that upper body strength doesn’t matter that much for hitting home runs in baseball. In fact, lower body strength matters more for getting the ball further.

For example, you could do more deadlifts and squats to help increase your bat speed. At the same time doing some exercise to make your forearm stronger, you will be able to hit the baseball harder.

So now that you learned some of these tips, hopefully, you will know how to hit a homerun in baseball. Some of these might not help hit every baseball out of the field, but you will hit more frequently.