How to Lock My Electric Scooter – The Ultimate Guide

Electric Scooter

Maybe you are wondering how to lock your electric scooter as you want the scooter to be safe and protected from theft. If you are using a compact scooter, it would be easy for you to park it inside your workplace, post office, inside the grocery store and anywhere you would go.

What would you do if you have a heavy and powerful scooter which is not manageable to fit anywhere. You would have to park your scooter outside and electric scooters are expensive so they would definitely attract the thieves. Here is your savior! Here are the details about how you should lock your electric scooter using different locks.

Different types of locks:

You have to decide first what type of lock would be suitable for your scooter’s model. Thus, you must know about the types of the locks to choose the right one for you. Here is the brief about them.

Ring lock:

Ring locks are suitable for particular models that come along wheels with exposed spokes like the Gotrax GXL or Segway-ninebot ES4. These locks have a protected ring made of steel and a cable in its center. The cable would secure your scooter’s wheel by preventing the ring from spinning while you have locked it. they are more useful than other cable locks.

Cable lock:

Cable locks are cheaper than other locks and they are designed for using them in bicycles but they could also be used for electric scooters. They come with enough flexibility for wrapping around your scooter’s handlebar and lock into a place wherever suitable. You could easily put them into your backpack as they are small in size. But the fact is, thieves could cut them with a wire cutter and you have to suffer due to these locks.

Chain locks:

Scooter’s chain locks are more secure than ring and cable locks as they have silver and sometimes gold ratings. They are much alike cable locks but the only difference is, they are made with chain links instead of a skinny cable. Thieves would face difficulties as these locks are not easy to cut using a wire cutter.


D-locks or U-locks are the same thing and probably the most protected locks that are especially designed for scooters. You could find gold ratings for these locks as they are made of hardened steel bonds to secure your electric scooter. Thieves would need strong bolts or powerful tools to cut these locks. You could choose this lock for your scooter.

Grip locks:

Grip locks are affordable to secure and attach them easily. They work best for hand-controlled brakes like Razor electric scooter models. These locks would keep your scooter’s brake pulled on so that the thief couldn’t pull or push them away easily. Moreover, you should use this lock with a D-lock or chain lock. Grip lock alone doesn’t work best.

Disc locks:

Disc locks are similar to grip locks and you should also use them with D-lock and chain lock for extra security. If your scooter has a brake caliper, you could use this lock to prevent wheel’s from turning. They are hard to cut as they are made of high quality alloy steel.

Locks with Alarm:

Many locks have alarms that are designed for mopeds and motorcycles. They could draw attention by making a sound and stop thieves to steal your scooter. This type of security device is best for anyone to secure an electric scooter.

How to lock an electric scooter properly?

All these locks above are more effective than others but no locks would give you guarantee that your scooter wouldn’t get stolen. If you don’t lock it properly, it becomes easy for the thieves or bad people to steal it. Thus, you need to follow some tips about how to lock your scooter properly that is given below.

Using a cover:

If you cover your scooter, it would look less attractive to anyone. An old bike cover would be best as it seems that there is an old, broken something inside the cover. Covering your electric scooter not only protects it but also keeps it away from dust and other harmful elements that may ruin the finish of the scooter.

Lock your scooter:

You should lock your electric scooter always even in the time when you are going for a few minutes. The thief may be around your scooter for stealing it. Choose a D-lock or chain lock for your scooter as these locks provide you more security than the others.

Take your portable scooter with you:

If you have a portable electric scooter, it is better to take it with you wherever you are going. As it doesn’t need more space, keeping it inside would be the best option. It is easy to park your foldable scooter in your apartment or house.

Anchoring the scooter to something sturdy:

Ensure that you have locked your scooter to something sturdy. You should try to move your scooter fence or rack to check if it is strong enough to lock the E-scooter to it. Your best scooter lock would be a waste by anchoring your electric scooter on something that is breakable.

Using two or more locks:

If you want an extra layer of protection, use two locks instead of one. you may find it costly but it is worthy as it could save your scooter from thieves. You could even use more than two locks for an extra layer of security if possible.

You should keep your electric scooter safe and sound by locking it properly. An alarm would be another important element for you to secure your scooter. Learn how to lock your e-scooter and park safe!

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