How to make an image background transparent?

image background transparent

Making an image background transparent is important to create a proper focus on the subjective product’s figure. This helps to grow the attention on the products in the first view. Therefore, almost all of the eCommerce business companies take this help so that they can grow the proper attention of the customers towards their products.

A selected product with a transparent background can help to get better interact depending on the device users. Hence, you need to make your product background transparent so that you can use the appropriate background as you want to display.

Well, we are here to help you out to know about the processes of making the background transparent in the photoshop as you are looking for.

Processes of making transparent background in Photoshop

If you are looking for the appropriate web-ready format of the product images you need to take the photoshop so that you can make out background transparent of your product images to increase its beauty.

Below are the processes of making your product image’s background transparent in photoshop.

1. Creating photo in a layered file first

Bring your selected image into the photoshop first and this may contain the JPEG format as we are displaying below.

After bringing your image in the photoshop just open the layer panel. You can find the layer panel in places. One is on the right side of the photo and the other is in the top menu bar and you need to click Windows > Layers from the drop-down menu.

In the layer panel, you will find your default layer and you need to double click on the layer first. After making the double click on the background layer you will see a dialog box that will ask you to rename the layer from Layer 0 to anything. You can also remain it as Layer 0 if you want.

By doing this you become able to unlock your background as it was locked before. Now you can delete any parts of that background you want.

2.Making the selection of the image

If you are going to remove any background that holds one type of color then select the Magic Wand tool from the toolbar which you will find on the left side in the toolbar. Then you need to go to the Options bar and need to click Select Subject. After clicking this you will see that photoshop attempts to select the main subject automatically.

So, you now have your subject selected but most of the time selection doesn’t become perfect. It may select some unwanted parts also or may leave the wanted part also. Therefore, you need to select the Magic Wand tool again to add or remove the Auto selection. Finally, you will be able to make the perfect selection of your image.

If your image has any shadow then you may see that the auto selection also grabs those parts. Hence, you need to Select the Subtract from selection icon from the option bar and you need to click on the Magic Wand tool again to remove the shadows from the selection.

By doing all those things you are now able to perfectly select the subject of the image now.

3. Now delete the unwanted background

After making the selection of your main subject of the image you need to remove the unwanted part of the background now. Therefore, you need to go to Select > Inverse option from the dropdown menu from the application window. You can also make it by clicking Shift + Ctrl + I to make the process shortcut.

While you have completed the inversion, you will have an image with a transparent background. You will see some checked types of color in the background of your image. Click Ctrl + D to make the deselect of your selection.

4. Save your image in transparent background

Now to get your background transparent in your photo, you need to save the file as described below. Go to the File menu form the top of the Photoshop software. Clicking the file dropdown select the option Export. You will have a dialog box and there select the PNG format. Then click save option.

Now you are having your image with background transparent as you are looking for.

Bottom line

If you think you want the best-looking images for your products or services you need to take the help of photoshop and therefore you need to depend on the expert photo editing company. To grab the best quality of your product images, there is no option without hiring any professional photo editing company.

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