Nowadays, the lifestyle of people has become so complex that they do not have time to take care of their lives, and thus they are searching for healthier ways to stay fit. As tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, people try to find a tea which has numerous health benefits. Numerous teas are beneficial in, either way, one among them is Matcha green tea. Just like other teas, matcha tea is also cultivated from the same shrub – Camellia Sinensis.

Matcha tea is a popular Japanese tea. It differs from other tea in terms of its production. It is grown in the shade for the last three weeks before harvesting, after harvesting, the leaf buds of the plant are plucked and the stems and veins are removed and it is stone-ground into a fine powder. Well, matcha tea is known for its health benefits in addition to being a healthy stimulant. As it is shade-grown, it contains nutrients from all over tea life, thus it has more antioxidants and caffeine than those found in green tea. Also, it is known that matcha tea is well known to cure liver problems, boosts brain function, and prevents kidney damage. Other than Matcha, all teas tend to have endless health benefits, Check some of these Wholesale Teas.

Other uses of Matcha tea 

Matcha tea is not only used in preparing tea but also has many other uses. Matcha is used for making various food items, from chocolates to cookies, it is such a versatile ingredient, that it gets easily adapted to the nature of a particular food item. The sheer versatility of this tea allows you to buy it in abundance. But one must know, does tea expire?

 Here are a few uses of matcha other than tea: 

  • Used in chocolates, candies.
  • Used in desserts like cakes and pastries, which include cookies, swiss rolls, puddings, mousse, green tea ice creams.
  • In Japan, very well known chocolate Kit Kat also has a matcha flavored version.
  • North American cafe – Starbucks also introduced ” Green tea lattes” and other matcha flavored drinks.
  • It is also used in milkshakes and smoothies.

Teawares required for preparing traditional Matcha green tea:

  • Tea bowl: It is required to whisk the fine tea powder in hot water. Thus, it should be large enough, around 120 milliliters capacity.
  • Tea Whisk: Tea whisk is required to whip or whisk the powder with water so that it gets a foam. The whisk is made of bamboo with fine bristles.
  • Tea Scoop: It is a bamboo spoon that is used to measure the tea powder into the bowl. It is not similar to western spoons.

How to make Matcha tea:

In the stressful life of people, tea acts as a life-giving element. A perfect cup of tea rejuvenates, energizes the body. But this may happen only when the tea is brewed accordingly. Every tea has different methods and processes of brewing, according to their nature. Thus the same is with matcha green tea, it is the traditional Japanese tea which should be brewed correctly to enjoy its taste and gain its health benefits. Here are a few steps to follow while making matcha tea.

Step 1: Take a scoop of matcha green powder and sift it into the tea bowl. Sifting the tea will remove all the lumps present in the tea powder.

Step 2: Gradually add a required amount of water to the powder.

Step 3: After adding water use the tea whisk and whisk it vigorously. Whisk it in the zig-zag motion until the tea is frothy.

Step 4: The tea is ready! One can directly consume it through the bowl or Pour the tea to the cup and drink it.

How to prepare matcha green tea latte:

Latte is a coffee drink made with steamed milk and espresso. Latte can be prepared with various flavors, like in Africa red latte is made using rooibos tea, the same way in Japan green tea latte is prepared using Matcha green tea.

Step 1: Take a scoop of matcha green tea powder and one spoon of sugar into a bowl or cup.

Step 2: Add little warm water to it and mix or whisk it until it is as smooth as a dark green paste. Also, make sure there are no lumps in the paste.

Step 3: Add warm milk to the paste until the cup is full. One may use cold milk if he/she wants an iced green tea latte.

Step 4: Use whisk to mix the paste with milk until it gets a light green color.

Step 5: One may also sprinkle little matcha green powder on the latte for decoration.

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