5 Easy Steps To Set-up A Retargeting Ad Campaign On Facebook

Facebook ads are getting viral, especially in the previous year 2020 when people were locked indoors, they used to spend more time on social media. Hence, leveraging the platform for advertising and promoting a brand is worth investing in.

One such dominating ad on Facebook is retargeting ads. Retargeting ads are designed to target the website visitors who have once visited the site, scrolled through the products or services, but have left without performing any action. The prospects don’t need to make a relevant purchase. Even if they subscribe to the channel or register themselves, it is worth running a retargeting ad campaign.

Experts at the PPC management company in Delhi or Chennai have good knowledge of this. Therefore, setting up an ad campaign is an easy job for them.

Are you interested in investing in a retargeting ad campaign on Facebook? Keep reading the article to learn the easy steps following which you can easily make a successful ending.

5 Easy steps to set-up a retargeting ad campaign on Facebook

  1. Understand your marketing goal: Before commencing a marketing campaign on any platform, the initial step is to understand the marketing goal and business objective. Once you are aware of what exactly you are going to target, it becomes easier to create a successful marketing campaign. The strategy remains the same for your retargeting ad campaign on Facebook.

Before jumping to create the ad campaign, learn who your audience is and how good your audience is aware of your brand. Retargeting ad campaigns may have multiple goals. For example, you want to build conversions, generate leads, increase brand awareness, boost your business sales, or gain insights into your customer behavior.

You need to learn for what exactly you are running the campaign and create one accordingly. This will help you in building success for the brand.  

  • Open Facebook Ads Manager: Do you have a Facebook account for running business ads? If not, create this one before moving on to the real campaign. You will need this account whenever you plan to run any type of ad campaign on Facebook.

Now, to start with the campaign. First, you need to visit Facebook Ads Manager. Login to the account and here you will find a column named “Business Manager” at the top left corner of the page. Clicking this option, you will witness a drop-down menu. In this menu, you need to visit the “Audiences” to select the right audience for displaying your ad.   

  • Select the right audience: Under the Audience tab, you will witness several columns including Create Audience, Filters, Customize Columns, etc. Move your cursor to the “Create Audience” section at the top left of the screen. Under this tab, you will find three different options – Custom Audience, Lookalike Audience, Saved Audience.

Since you are creating a retargeting ad campaign, you need to select the Custom Audience which will allow you to reach out to the people who have already visited your website once in the past.

  • Focus more on website traffic: Under Custom Audience, you have plenty of options to visit. But for retargeting, you need to pay more attention to the website traffic. This will give you the chance to reach out to the audience who have already visited your site.

Custom Audience has sub-options like Customer File, App Activity, Website Traffic, and Engagement on Facebook. This implies, with this particular option you can truly make a list of your audience according to your desire. However, for retargeting, choosing the “Website Traffic” option is a must.

Now, if you get inside into this option, there are plenty of choices that need to be made. The most important one is whom you are going to target. The following options include –

Anyone who visits your website.

People who have visited specific pages of your site.

People who have visited only a few pages not all.

People who are not in touch for a certain time.

Custom combination.

Choose the one that you require and create your audience in just one click.

  • Make use of the pixel code: To start the retargeting process, you need a pixel code or tracking code on your website. It is a code that is required to track website visitors. It is named so as 1×1 pixel-based code is added to the website which is transparent and hard to view with a bare eye. By tracking the pixel, you can determine the number of visitors who have visited your site along with their identity. It basically acts as a spy.


Successful brands are using retargeting ad campaign to re-engage with the customers. They have understood the importance of these ads and so have left no opportunity to leverage these ads. What are your thoughts? Are you not excited to create one specific retargeting ad campaign for your brand? Probably, this will give you a loophole in your business growth.

Connect with the best digital marketing company offering PPC services. Consult with the PPC experts about the retargeting ad campaign on Facebook or other social media channels where you want to run and get set go!

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