How To Start An Online T-shirt Business


One staple wear that never gets out of fashion is a ‘t-shirt’. This is the only clothing worn by all age ranges. On hot summer days, the only comfortable garment to choose from your wardrobe is a t-shirt.

The huge popularity of custom made t-shirts attracts entrepreneurs the most. The custom made t-shirt printing industry is expected to exceed 10 billion dollars by 2025. 

No matter what the season is, people love to wear a soft, comfortable t-shirt with their favorite design or logo on it. People tend to express their messages, feelings, likes, dislikes, and humor through their favorite t-shirts.

How to Start an Online T-shirt Business

In this guide, we will go through every step of how to start an online t-shirt business. After giving it a thorough read, you will be able to start an online t-shirt business in less than one hour!

Step 1. Find your target audience or a niche

Custom made t-shirt industry is huge, and you will face stiff competition. That is why you will need a target audience for standing out in the business. A niche will help your business grow without blowing your money. Before choosing a niche, you need to keep in mind that it should generate some sales. So, what is a niche exactly? 

We can not choose “adults” as our target audience as there are so many types with so many interests. For this reason, we need to choose a more focused group of people like adults who like a particular music band or a TV show. However, there are some interesting ways to find out your niche. Let’s have a look-

  • Analyze the subreddits of your potential niche and evaluate public engagement.
  • Use social networks like Instagram, Facebook to check on the audience’s insights.
  • Use Wikipedia to make a list of people’s hobbies, favorite shows, music bands, and common interests.
  • But of course, if you have your community to consider their interests, then go for it. 
  • You can also pick some current social affairs which are living in everyone’s mind relentlessly. 

Once you are done choosing your target audience, then make an elaborate business plan and start executing it. 

Step 2. Source quality material and find designs for your t-shirts

If you want to create a successful brand, you need to go for premium quality. So, you have to do some research and find your fabric very wisely. Remember, high-quality blank shirts are always the key to establishing a unique brand. 

Choose the right material with the proper sizes, weight, and softness. A t-shirt needs to be comfy for any weather.

After sourcing the material, you need to design your t-shirts. You are probably worrying about the fact that you will have to design your own t-shirts! Calm down; you don’t need to fuss around. Many companies are always happy to design it for you. You can also hire designers from online marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, or Shopify. 

Step 3. Print your designs

Once you are satisfied with your designs and materials, you need to print them out. Just like the material, print needs to have a high quality to maintain. If your buyer complaints a fading or cracking issue, this may be a setback for your business. 

That’s why you need a reputed printing company who can provide you with good quality same day printing service. There are many printing companies out there, such as Printful, Gooten,etc. Among these companies, I would recommend Print Britannia for printing your t-shirts. 

This company offers a full range of printing services, including short-run digital print services, litho print, large format printing, apparel printing, embroidery polo & TShirts, carrier bag printing, signage printing, promotional marketing material printing, and many more.

They are always available to provide the printing service you need, maintaining tight deadlines for the busy clients with free local or global delivery.

Step 4. Set a price

The main hustles are taken care of; now you have to set a price. While determining the pricing, calculate your total expense, and you can multiply it by 2 for fixing the price. 

Assume that your total cost was $20. So, $40 should be the ideal price for your t-shirt. Now you may wonder if people will buy it or not. But honestly, people always want to pay the right amount for good quality products. 

Step 5. Set up your online store

Now, you have your t-shirts ready to sell. It is time to build your online store. You have to start planning to sell your products. You can easily open an online store in marketplaces like Shopify, Amazon and sell your products there. You need less than 30 minutes to set up a store on these sites. 

Once your store is set up, you can start selling your t-shirts online. Isn’t that easy? 

Reasons why the t-shirt business will always remain in trend

For any entrepreneurs, the idea of starting a t-shirt business pops first in their minds. They want to have their t-shirt brand and start a side business for extra income!

Have you ever wondered why t-shirt businesses are always on-trend? Here’s why-

  • The new businesses make custom made t-shirts for branding their companies. 
  • The craze for TV series or movies has made fast-shirts linked to their favorite characters.
  • T-shirts can boost team spirit and motivate a group of people to achieve the goal. 
  • They are relatively easy to produce and fulfill customer demands.
  • Custom made t-shirts are made following every season and occasion. Nowadays, people like to wear a t-shirt with their institution’s logo on it to show their love or support for the institution.
  • You can produce custom made t-shirts at a very low cost but with amazing and unique designs.
  • T-shirts are eco-friendly, comfortable and they can flaunt your style effortlessly.

Final Verdict

Now that you have learned all the steps through this blog post, you know the exact way how to start an online t-shirt business. Always remember, printing and designing is the most important step in this business. So be sure you print and design your t-shirts from a reputed printing company. Maintain the premium quality of your brand and get success. 

Wish you a quick success!