How to Wash Your Track and Field Uniforms

Track and a field is a sport that allows athletes to show off their running, throwing, and jumping abilities. As implied by its name, it takes place on a grass field and a running track. Some popular events include sprinting, relay races, hurdling, and high jump.

It is a great form of exercise as it incorporates various cardio elements.

Track and field has countless health and non-health benefits. Some of them are:

  • It improves cardiovascular fitness
  • It reduces the risk of heart diseases exponentially
  • It strengthens muscles and bones
  • It promotes teamwork
  • It uplifts you mood

To take part in track and field sports properly you require proper custom track and field uniforms and gear. The proper team track uniforms save you from various injuries and assist your movements and elevate your performance. These clothing articles are made out of synthetic fabrics built specially for the track and field. These fabrics are lightweight, absorb sweat very efficiently and are quick drying as well. They are tight-fitted, extremely stretchable and assist in all sorts of running, jumping and different motions. Now the problem with these clothes is that because these uniforms absorb a lot of sweat, over time, they can act as a catalyst for bacteria growth and can cause obnoxious odors that never go unnoticed and cause others to frown upon you. This is why you need to wash your custom track and field uniforms properly. Not washing them properly would just elevate the level of stench so you’ve got to wash them properly and that too as soon as possible (after your session) this way, the odor-causing bacteria will have less time to grow.

Want to know how to wash the various types of track and field uniforms? We’ll be going over the washing instructions below. Be sure to keep reading and follow them for nice, clean and odorless custom track and field uniforms each day.

Washing Your Custom Track and Field Jerseys

Track and Field Jerseys can get dirty in countless ways. Because of the ground and sand the dirt can easily find its way on your jersey plus when it mixes with your sweat it can really penetrate and get absorbed by the material. Luckily, we know how to clean it up.

Usually your track and field jerseys will be made from synthetic man-made fibers. This means that they can easily be washed in a washing machine and do not require a lot of special care. With that being said you should still look at the care tag to make sure that there aren’t any special cleaning instructions that you should follow.

To start the cleaning process you should start by turning your custom track and field jersey inside out. This will prevent the color and the print from fading. Next, you add the detergent and put your jersey inside the machine. Try to choose a delicate setting and use cold water. Your custom track and field uniforms (jerseys, pants and shorts) can be washed with other loads but always remember to never wash them with clothes that have sharp pointy zippers or button and they could easily damage the fabric. Do not use hot water as again, it damages the fibers and makes them weak. To make your jersey soft and comfortable, add a little bit of vinegar when washing them (avoid fabric softeners and bleach as they are not good for the man-made fibers). After the wash is done do not leave your clothes inside the machine as it will cause the clothes to have a weird odor. Do not dry them in the drier and always try drying them off on a clothesline away from direct sunlight.

Washing Your Track and Field Compression Wear

We all know what compression wear is right? Compression wear is another important article that track and field athletes wear with their uniforms. They are usually the base layer worn by athletes that helps them with muscle recovery, lowers the risk of cramps and also absorb sweat and keeps the wearer cool. They are able to do all this because of their tight fitting, which also means that they absorb a lot of sweat.  Compression wear are made from highly stretchable man made fabrics such as spandex, which again like the uniforms are machine wash friendly. This means that they can be washed just like your track and field jerseys, shorts and pants. Turn them inside out, add the detergent in the machine and put your compression wear inside the machine. Like we mentioned earlier, compression wear can be washed with other clothes but be sure to check and remove clothes that have pointy and sharp buttons or zippers as those can ruin the fabric. Do not use fabric softeners and bleach as they are harmful for the fabric. Once washed remove your track and field compression wear out of the machine as soon as possible (letting it be inside will just cause it to smell and would form new smelly bacteria). As compression wear dry up very quickly simply try to dry them indoors, away from direct heat or sunlight. 

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