How to wire JDM Integra headlights?

JDM cars

JDM cars are the best, especially when it comes to modifying and lighting your car up, which means that you will want to lighten up your jdm Integra headlights. But how do you go about doing this? If you’re asking yourself that question, read this guide on how to wire jdm Integra headlights to lighten up your car without any issues!

Locating the Headlight Harness

For first-generation Honda Civics and many other JDM cars from that era, locating and connecting your new headlight wires can be tricky. In many cases, these vehicles were never designed with aftermarket lighting in mind. Thankfully, there are ways to locate where your vehicle’s headlight harness is located easily. 

With a little bit of studying up on wiring diagrams and some patience, you should have no trouble locating your car’s harness in no time at all. However, you will also need to pick up an HID relay kit or ballast resistors if your vehicle doesn’t come equipped with pre-wired high beams. Keep reading below for more information on everything you need!

Separating Wires

Wiring can be confusing, especially when there are so many different wires. The good news is that most cars use standard colors and shapes for their wires, making it easier to identify where each one needs to go. 

As you begin wiring your car, take photos of each step along the way—even labeling them for reference. It’s easy for things to get lost or mixed up once you get into it. Wiring one headlight will give you practice before moving on (this is a great rule of thumb for doing work on any car).

Determining What Goes Where

For a jdm car for sale, several different types of wires and colors are used. From most of these examples, we can see that orange is usually ground and red is power. We should also use our headlight switch to determine where we want lighted or heated lights. 

Some wires will be used as a general guide for both, with pink being our fog light feed and white being our high beam feed. Once we have determined what we need, let’s start thinking about how we want them wired up; I would recommend using a relay kit so you can prevent burning out your wiring harness or blowing fuses in your car by not wiring directly into your fuse box since they take more power than normal circuits require on an everyday vehicle.

Soldering Wires

If you want your car to look like a jdm car for sale, you’ll need some special wiring. Not only are all kinds of aftermarket parts required, but in most cases, a professional must get involved and make things right. For example, have you ever tried soldering wires together yourself? The process is more complicated than it looks and can be frustrating if not done properly. Many newbies try doing it themselves and then don’t understand why they can’t get anything working properly on their cars. Before trying things out yourself, call up a professional who can easily do it with little hassle or time wasted. Professional and experienced people have what it takes to make every project look clean and flawless!

Installing Your Headlights (First Try)

Always turn off your car and make sure it’s in Park before you begin working on anything electrical. When you’re sure everything is turned off, move your headlight switch back and forth (left and right) a few times until both lights turn off. This will confirm that power is cut from your car’s electrical system. 

Next, grab a wire-crimping tool or pliers—you can use those if you don’t have any crimpers—and strip away about half an inch of the protective casing around your car’s wires. Be very careful not to cut into any wires while doing so! Once everything has been properly exposed, match each connector with its corresponding counterpart on your new JDM parts.

The Second Try – Hooking Up Fuses

The new fuses have a thin, red wire that you’ll need to connect to your battery’s positive terminal. If you don’t feel comfortable with doing so, ask an auto mechanic or head over to an electronics store like Radio Shack and have them help you. (This is what I did.) Once that’s done, place your wires in some electrical tape and wrap them up to stay out of the way. Wiring Up Your Headlights: Now that your fuse is hooked up correctly, it’s time for wiring.

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