HP printer keeps going offline- Fix now

Let’s see what is the meaning of the word offline in an HP printer. Offline in HP printer means the printer does not accept new printing tasks given by the devices. The works get stopped or paused abruptly until the printer shifts to online mode. To know how to resolve this issue, we need to go through the guide of troubleshooting. If you are in the middle of some work and this error occurs, try to save your work or content so that it is not missed due to these issues. The next thing is to check if there are any printer works in the queue and try to cancel them as they may create chaos later. There are many reasons for the HP printer getting offline. The few reasons are issues with the connection, error in the setting, some hardware issues, issues related to cabling or power, and outdated drivers.

Methods to change offline mode to online mode:

Method 1:

  • The errors were found and solved using the application called scan doctor. 
  • After downloading this application, it opens by HPPSdr.exe and runs the application in administration mode
  • After the above-mentioned process, click yes in the source file, and its connection is directly linked to the tech support team of HP.
  • Now select your printer and press start.
  • Once check if your printer is available in the list, else press restart. Then restart your printer and again follow the above-mentioned process or click retry and open the scan doctor application.
  • Doing all these processes, then scan the doctor application will find out the issues in the device and follows the instructions and press yes when the option is like turn on updates in printer or printer updates.
  • Go through all the instructions and select the yes option if it asks the printer to change to the default printer.

Method 2:

  • This method will be suitable for users having windows 10. Try using the search box and click the option scanners & printers.
  • Make sure that the let windows manage my default printer as not checked. If the option is already selected, try to unselect it.
  • Select the required printer option along with the version name that has status idle or online if the printer name is repeated many times.
  • Later select the option manage and press set as default printer.

Method 3:

  • This way, we will check the status of windows services and printer port numbers.
  • Search printers and devices.
  • Later right-click the printer and select printer locations.
  • Select the ports option and see if the WSD port is used in the printer.
  • If the above process is successful, proceed. Else go to the port tab in printer properties and choose to add port and later select the TCP/IP standard port and press new port.
  • Add your hostname as the new port name.
  • After all, this process checks the status of the printer if it shows online mode.

Method 4:

  • First, try turning off the printer and after 10 seconds discord them power plug and switch off the laptop or computer.
  • Now connect back the power plug and turn the printer on.
  • Now remove the connection of the internet and once it reconnects switch on the computer.
  • By using the software of HP like setup wizard or HP smart, make a connection between the printer and the network.
  • The reports of it are found in the printer in the wireless menu.


There are four methods mentioned for solving the issues of offline mode in HP printer. If none of the above-mentioned methods work, try connecting the printer from another device like PC or mobile, etc. There is also another option like try changing the internet connection, like connecting through different Wi-Fi or mobile hotspots. The other most common issue faced why the printer turns into offline mode is that the printer may either be old or the operating systems aren’t updated regularly. These are the ways to gets this issue resolved for printers not getting into offline mode.

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