Why Every Top HR Consultant In Mumbai Is Offering HRO Services

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HR outsourcing (HRO) is nothing new. But, the way that businesses are approaching HRO services has certainly evolved in the past two years. In the past, HRO served only one purpose for firms – cost-cutting. Now, outsourcing HR responsibilities is a key strategic decision for companies of all sizes. Business leaders of today, especially the ones hit by the coronavirus pandemic, view HRO services as critical for their survival.

Navigating the complex legal landscape that surrounds most aspects of employee management / employee policy – compensation and benefits, leave management, etc., is becoming harder than ever. That’s why Stratagyn Inc’s proven methodologies are proving extremely helpful to companies that are facing performance management issues. Our tried-and-tested HR Services in Mumbai are helping our clients drastically improve their weekly performances.

We make employee management all about data and statistics – these data points are visible, trackable, and accessible to all key investors in our clients’ companies. Our HR Consultant in Mumbai will visit your worksite, assess your organizational needs, and start working as an extended arm of your organization. Our handling of all HR functions makes lives much easier for our clients – especially for SMEs and start-up companies.

Future-Proofing Your Company

Efficient HR management is the key enabler of business transformation. In the post-pandemic world, companies will have to evolve a lot. More importantly, they have to be ready for evolution at all times. That means constantly modifying your employee policies, setting up clear confidentiality policies, and focusing more on employee retention.

Understandably, many firms that are short of resources are having trouble just focusing on their core competencies. Even preparing for commercial evolution is extremely challenging for many firms. Our experts of HR consultancy in Mumbai can fill these voids in your firm and help you manage your human capital with one eye to the future.

  • Our team of experienced HR professionals are focusing heavily on boosting employee experience during this period. We understand and empathize with the monumental changes employees had to face because of the COVID19 pandemic. As their roles and expectations change, HR departments need to step up to support the ones who are working remotely for long hours. Employee well-being is critical for boosting your firm’s retention rates.
  • We have even helped organizations meet their aggressive expansion goals during these economically turbulent times.
  • Our digitized payroll processing services make employee management more secure and accessible.
  • Our team is always focused on drawing insights and trends from all the data we collect on a daily basis from our clients’ workforces. Be it helping organizations increase their annual productivity or boosting employee coordination – our data-driven decision-making policies eliminate every hint of subjectivity. Employees and key stakeholders in the organization always have access to important human capital-related data. Using this data, they can make timely and competent decisions.

If you’re a business owner or leading an organization, you’re probably wondering what HR processes you should outsource. We offer payroll management, onboarding assistance, and all other vital HR services. We can even tailor our HR consultancy services to suit your specific organizational needs – be it cost-cutting or risk management.