Learn to Migrate the old HubSpot website to the new HubSpot CMS

hubspot to hubspot migration

Are you planning to migrate your old HubSpot data to the new HubSpot? 

If so, then this ultimate step-by-step guide of HubSpot to HubSpot migration from old to new CMS with tips and tricks is a must-read for you! 

In this detailed guide, we will explore the step-by-step process involved in migrating your data, contacts, leads, and other valuable information from one HubSpot account to another. 

Besides learning tips and tricks for making the migration process seamless, you will also learn how to avoid common problems that arise during migration.

Migrating from one platform to another is the same experience as you migrate from one country to another. HubSpot to HubSpot migration is a complex process if not understood properly before embarking on the migration process. 

Heads up to read this extended guide for the HubSpot to HubSpot website migration from old to new CMS.

Outline: What HubSpot to HubSpot Website Migration Is?

HubSpot to HubSpot migration is a straightforward process, setting and connections between the HubSpot platforms. It is required when you need to update your HubSpot versions and new feature range for your website.

Website migration is also a good choice when you are about to expand your business. Or else you merge up with other companies  that use HubSpot already.     

HubSpot Website migration can be performed in three ways. You can pick your suitable one. They are – 

  • Manual Website Migration.
  • Ask HubSpot to do it by Automation.
  • Hire a Hubspot Website Migration Agency.

Steps to Migrate from Old HubSpot to New HubSpot CMS:

  1. Website Audit

At the very beginning of the migration process it is required to run an audit of your website. 

Extract the website page and group them according to templates using a tool like screaming frog. 

Templates included for audits are Homepage, About page, contact page, Product page (In case of E-Commerce site), blog page, and landing pages.  

  1. Make Website Page List

It is the step where you need to export the list of all website pages and optimize your meta description, titles, broken links, and other SEO factors. 

You can also merge redundant pages and redirect all outdated pages to the purposeful pages. It is the last if you wish to make any changes or are willing to repurpose your content.

  1. CMS Setup

In this step you need to set up your HubSpot account and create a cMS portal. 

Also at this time you will be required to create your HubSpot account, and need to set up all your website’s navigation with mandatory integrations.

  1. Migration 

Wizard that allows you to do CMS2CMS migration. To start migration from the old HubSpot account to the new HubSpot you need to choose the source CMS. 

Set up website data migration mapping settings. With the help of wizard you can automatically migrate all your website data to the new CMS.

  1. URL Mapping and Add Redirects

URL mapping is one of the significant steps for your website while migrating from one CMS to another. 

Mapping URL and adding redirects will ensure the visitors can find the new website address seamlessly. 

It is easy for users to find the resources easily if you add redirects properly.

  1. QA and Testing

When you are done with your migration procedure, URL mapping and the redirects from HubSpot to HubSpot CMS it is time to test all the data you have been transferred to the new CMS portal. 

Due to the links of your website URLs being changed and pages being merged, it is required to test all your data web pages, especially those with lead generation elements such as forms. 

Ensures all the web page designs are compatible to desktop, mobile and tablet users and up to the business requirements. 

  1. Connect Domain and Launch

In the final step modify the domain name and update all the records is necessary. 

Updated domain will help users to see the new website when they search your website’s URL.

To connect the website domain follow this steps:

In the HubSpot account > Click setting > click website > Click Domain & URLs > Select type of domain > Click Connect.

Hence, this is how you can migrate HubSpot to HubSpot CMS with these 7 steps manually. 

In order to do this HubSpot migration smoothly, you can hire a HubSpot migration agency.

In the Crux

Hopefully, this 7-step HubSpot to Hubspot migrations guide will add some value and give you satisfactory results for your queries. 

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We have a team of experienced experts to do the HubSpot to HubSpot migrations process without any hassle.

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