Import Maildir to PDF Automatically Windows 10


I am writing this blog, to guide you on how to import Maildir to PDF automatically Windows 10. Users are now getting fed up using the old traditional approach that is full of complications.

So, users must take a help of a direct way that helps to convert Maildir into PDF in a few seconds.  That will save their valuable time and effort also.

maildir to pdf

As we know that Maildir files are accessed via, server-connectivity through internet. So, there can be some instances may occurred, where users find difficulty to get easy access of their Maildir files.

And the conversion from Maildir to PDF prevents all those situations wisely. As we all are totally aware of the benefits of PDF file format.

Now let’s move towards our main focus of this blog that is CubexSoft Maildir to PDF Converter. As that will going to import Maildir to PDF automatically Windows 10. This application free from all the restriction, that usually face by many users while converting files from one format to another one. This utility supports to provide results for all the editions of PDF Adobe Acrobat Reader. We will see some other important features in the later part of this blog. Now first see how it converts Maildir into PDF below:

Step1: Download Maildir Converter to convert Maildir files into PDF format.

Step2: Go to the menu column and click on the “Select File” section.

Step3: Choose Maildir with the related options like “Select File” and “Select Folder”. And then click on “Next”.

Step4: Users may tick the particular desired item to convert into PDF format. Recheck them all in the “Preview”. To secure attachments opt for “Save Attachments” option.

Step5: Tap on the “Export” that provides different saving options, you may go with “PDF”.

Step6: Here you may apply various filters like date, email, and attachments.

Step7: Go for attempting various file naming convention.

Step8: Hit the “Export” option that initialize processing.

Step9: Successfully end the process with clicking on “Ok”.

Compete Information of Maildir Conversion Tool is Here

The software saves your precious time, like it is capable to convert single file or a bunch of files (Folder) into PDF in a single round.

The software is easy to run by any user, hence it does not require technical skill/knowledge as such.

Users will get all the information intact in the migrated files. It also provides a separate option for saving the attachments of the file.

There are other additional benefits that are also very helpful in nature like:

  • The Preview: Through this option users are capable to overlook all the files before it gets converted.
  • Save Attachment: Users are capable to view all the attachments of the Maildir files.
  • Split PST: Users may opt this option for dividing the large size of PST into the smaller one.
  • Conversion-Report: After completion of migration, users can save the log-report in the form of TXT file format. This file is comprised of all the migration details like date, number of files converted, counts, status, size, and destination path, etc. kind of information.

End Note –Conclusion

All the given information will help you to import Maildir to PDF automatically Windows 10. After reading this informative article, I am sure that now you will not face any difficulty while converting the file formats from Maildir to PDF. Download this advanced tool on any Windows OS version i.e. 10, 11, 8, 8.1, Vista, 7, and XP etc. To remove any doubt, users must grab free demo version, it provides you free conversion of Maildir to PDF with the first 25 files per folder.