September 26, 2022

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Important Tech Trends in the Construction Sector to Watch Beyond 2022

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Even though the construction industry has a long history of avoiding new changes and advancements, the recent years have seen massive improvements in this area. Innovative technological solutions are providing great benefits when it comes to the productivity, efficiency, and safety of construction projects, and the future is set to bring even more impressive developments that are bound to revolutionize the industry. To that end, here are some of the most important technological trends in the construction sector to watch in 2022 and beyond:

Augmented reality solutions

Augmented reality solutions

Augmented reality (AR) represents a digital layer of data that enhances the real-world view. When using devices with AR capabilities, workers can look directly at a construction site and receive crucial additional information directly over the picture. AR has great implications for the construction sector as it provides necessary information exactly where and when it’s needed, helping to provide safety data, automate measurements, or even visualize modifications.

At this time, AR is mostly used on devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and portable computers. However, the future of this technology relies on AR glasses that offer hands-free access to important data, a solution that will likely gain traction in the next few years.

The use of helpful drones

The use of helpful drones

Drones have already made a notable impact in the construction industry, and their contribution is set to increase in the following years. Small flying drones with mounted cameras can significantly reduce the cost of operations that were unbelievably expensive up until quite recently, including equipment tracking, topographic mapping, and security surveillance, among other processes.

Drones could also be used for aspects such as building inspections, personnel safety, and progress reports, and bring some welcome improvements in these areas as well. This technology will likely continue to improve with the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), as is the case with most technological advancements currently impacting the construction industry.

Construction management software

Construction management software

As the construction industry finally moves towards automation and more streamlined processes, new technologies are impacting all aspects of business. As a result, efficient construction management software solutions are gaining traction, and will likely be implemented all across the sector in the near future.

Functioning as project management tools that are specifically designed for construction professionals, these software solutions can provide a wide range of advantages in terms of organizing ineffective processes that were traditionally performed manually, including job scheduling, decision-making, and even communication. Construction management software can benefit companies of all types and sizes, as it can make management easier, improve quality, and ensure efficient service delivery, among other advantages.

Smart construction wearables

Smart construction wearables

Wearables can offer a number of productivity benefits to construction workers, but the main reason for their rapid adoption might actually be their safety advantages. It’s no secret that construction is among the most dangerous sectors to work in, with workplace hazards and common accidents accounting for hundreds of employee injuries and deaths every year.

Wearable construction technologies such as power gloves, smart boots, and smart hard hats can help to reduce these risks by increasing on-site safety for employees. Of course, other solutions like goggles, monitors, and smartwatches are already commonly used for increasing safety and improving efficiency, but larger devices such as construction exoskeletons might become more popular in the near future as well.

The rise of construction robots

Although they’re still not in widespread use, construction robots represent another important technological development that could potentially solve some of the main problems in the industry such as the novel need for social distancing and the continuously declining workforce. We have yet to see the full impact of robotics on construction as this solution begins to take over the industry.

At the moment, three main types of robots are set to transform the construction sector, including collaborative, factory, and fully autonomous robots. Collaborative robots can carry equipment and tools and reduce the need for human labour on sites, factory robots are used for repeatedly and perfectly performing simple jobs like manufacturing tasks, while fully autonomous robots can scan environments and independently complete complex tasks with tools.

Evidently, technology is rapidly evolving in the construction sector, aiming to innovate and streamline processes. New technological solutions are already affecting all aspects of the industry, but the future might bring even more interesting innovations that will transform construction forever.

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