Improve your dog’s meal with these food boosters

animal feed aditives

Sometimes, while preparing your dog’s food, you may feel that fresh food can be mixed with raw food. It does not turn you into raw feeder but it can help your dog linger a healthy nutrition. You just need to keep it well-balanced.

Raw eggs

You may probably think that giving raw eggs to your dog may be good for its health. And you are right. But if you want to bring up the whole proteins from this super-food, you can give it to it with their shells.

In fact, raw egg is a source of highly proteins such are selenium, iron, vitamin A, riboflavin but also fatty acids, vitamin B12 and folate. These are all good for your pet. But you shouldn’t adopt it as a main source of nutrition for it.

If your dog cannot eat bone for different reason, you can dry and grind egg shells in a coffee grinder before giving it to it. Remember that it is high source of important minerals such as calcium. If you decide to do that, it is just recommended to buy your eggs from an organic farmer that proposes fresh bio eggs.

As there are nowadays many commercial brands that spray egg shells with a chemical in order to keep them shiny to attractthe consumer, you’d rather go directly to the farmer. So, you keep your dog away from consuming those chemicals.

Goat’s milk

If you don’t want to give regularly animal feed aditives to your pet, you can enrich its diet with goat’s milk. Besides, this milk is nowadays considered as the universal milk due to its more digestible properties.

If your pet doesn’t bear bovine dairy, giving it goat’s milk remains a perfect alternative. Also, it is a more hypoallergenic option. In order to explain that, notice that raw goat’s milk gathers naturally occurring probiotics?

This is all the benefits that probiotics give in a very slightly to absorb proposition. If your pethappens to suffer from some digestive issues, you can invest on goat’s! And remember that this milk is also another sane way to hydrate your dog.


Apart from these foods, sardines also play a role of food booster for your pet. If you want to add more taurine’s in your pet’s diet, you can bet on the sardines. It is not only a high source of taurine and it also gathers a consequent amount of amino acid.

Besides, this fish is also very rich in omega 3 fatty acids that are good for its health. Besides, as sardines are small and short lived fishes, they do not stock many toxins in their bodies and they don’t also eat larger, which makes them a clear fish.

While giving it to it, begin with small amounts until you get to the full dose. You should not frustrate its habits.

Pumpkin puree

Pumpkin is also a very famous food supplement due to some arguments. In fact, for the regulation of the digestion of your pet, invest on it, it has huge amount of soluble fiber. When your dog suffers from the runs, it can bulk up the stool. And whenit is constipated, it helps loosen it. And it is really working.

Apart from that, you should also know that the pumpkin presents a consequent amount of vitamins and minerals, and has also some noticeable antioxidants. Besides, this potato remains an important ingredient to use to make frozen dog treats in the summer.

You can give pumpkin puree to your pet with any food item. In the beginning, you just have to add some small amounts that you will add up thoroughly within the following days.