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Strategies To Increase Audience Engagement In Events 

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Conducting an event is an easy task but making successful demands for the latest strategies. The planners put dedication, effort, and countless hours into planning the best event of history.

So, if you are conducting a large-scale event, choose an event planner in Singapore with experience and knowledge of modern audience-approaching strategies. Ensure they are aware of the new methods of appealing to attendees.

But what are those strategies?

In this post, we will cover the six most popular strategies to boost audience attendance at an event. Check it out!

Approach Your Audience Through Different Engagement Techniques

1. Understand: Why Are Audience Attending Your Event?

Now, have a look over the data that tells why the audience wants to attend any event.

As per the International Association of Exhibitions and Events;

  • 92% of the audience attend an event for learning something new
  • 78% of people attend the event due to its appealing location,
  • And 76% of attendees come for networking opportunities.

So, focus on the aim of your event and make it succesful.

Also, consider below points like;

  • What values are you promoting through an event?
  • What type of attendees will resonate with the message of your event?

2. Offer Discounts On Early Registrations

You can provide exciting offers to your audience.

Let’s take an example, make a list of first 100 or 200 attendees and offer them a 20% discount. It will be helpful in boosting their confidence as well as it is one of the popular promotional tricks.

You can consider some discounts like;

  • Offer for the first 50 registrants who share your event-related posts on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.
  • Free VIP upgrades
  • Provide keynote presentation to lucky attendees (decide it by lucky draw)
  • Group discounts if a customer refers to their peers.
  • 10% off if attendees promote the tickets
  • Provide great incentives
  • Moreover, you can add discounts or prices to certain audiences.

Remember, your first and the last milestone is the engaging audience in your event.

3. Use Latest Event Technology

Well, using the latest technologies in an event impresses the audience. It encourages the audience to boost the attendance of participants and make them attend every event organized by your brand.

Let’s take an example; membership software is the right option to attract and retain participants. With the help of this software, organizers can include important event details like networking opportunities, notices, and forums.

Also, fun image technology is available, like selfie mirrors, augmented reality experiences, and photo booths. You can write in on the photo booth to present an important message. Further, you can get the attention of the audience sitting in an event venue.

Furthermore, using an association event application allows the audience to;

  • Ask any queries from your company
  • To access important logistics or documents
  • Attendees can easily find out activities related to your company’s agenda

For example, the event planner in Singapore can use modern tools and technologies for a business or company. It approaches users and provides them ease of asking questions while attending an event.

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4. Personalized Invites To Attendees

Adding a touch of personalization to an event will overwhelm the attendees. Furthermore, even the marketing campaigns, advertisements, and social media promotions don’t match the level of personalized invitation. You can either mail your attendees or send them cards over messages.

The best choice is to create professional yet personalized invites. Further, begin by segmenting your attendees and then send personalized emails on the basis of demographic data. Remember, your mail has to consist of personal and relevant data according to each recipient.

Points to be noted for writing a personalized mail:

  • Insert recipient’s name on subject of the email
  • Use quotes in email
  • Eye-catching subject line
  • Add images, graphics, or stickers.
  • Moreover, the body of emails must have relevant details, and it should be short enough to read easily.
  • Write the goal of your event and try to relate your event objective with your audience
  • Never avoid CTA, so include it at the end of your email.

5. Connect Your Attendees To Event Speakers

Well, you might know how important it is to line up the right speaker while conducting a live stream in Singapore or any part of the globe. If you will call a popular speaker, then it’s significantly going to improve the attendance at an event.

For example, select speakers related to the same industry. If it’s a corporate event in Singapore, you can choose the influencers or leaders. But they should be appropriate and fit well for the event’s theme.

If you really want to delight the attendees, move ahead with conducting direct communication between speaker and audience.

There are a few initiatives that will work well:  

  • Allow speakers to conduct a live poll and take feedback.
  • Organize a group chat between audience and speaker. Arrange it according to physical or virtual events.
  • Try to conduct a separate Q&A session.

6. Maintain Excitement Throughout 

Whenever you start promoting an event, maintain excitement among the audience. This rule should be followed before and after an event.

Take a look over the unique ideas we have listed below.

Include A Teaser 

If you want to generate excitement among people then use a teaser. Showing them a sneak peek will keep them excited throughout the time. Also, building suspense is a great way of audience engagement. Let them wait till event day, and you can reveal the important details at your event. 

Content Marketing

Now, coming to the second most crucial option for increasing audience engagement. Start content marketing at least a few months (one or two) before an event. Use these strategies:

  • Reveal the date and time of the event
  • Tell the location or event platform (for virtual)
  • Mention the event’s itinerary
  • Give an introduction of your guest speakers and their details (bios)
  • List some important topics of your event.


Conducting and executing an event needs a professional event planner. Also, for them the ultimate goal is to engage more and more attendees in an event.

Hopefully, you have got enough knowledge on the best strategies that should be followed for audience engagement. This guide consists of all the important elements that boost audience engagement. Thank you for reading!

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