Why Are My Instagram Story Views So Low?

As you all know, Instagram is a popular social media platform. And today everywhere people use the bots app on their accounts to become popular on social media platforms. Due to which their social media accounts get spoiled. And our social media platforms start treating our accounts as fake accounts. For this, we have a lot of trouble. Today I will tell you about social media services like buy Instagram views India at affordable prices that you can easily take it.

So now let’s talk about why my Instagram story views are so low. Then I want to tell you that when the views on our story start working on Instagram. Then we suffer a lot because Instagram does not transmit our story to any other Instagram user. Due to which the views on our Instagram story start coming very little. The only reason this happens is that we use third-party apps from social media services to increase followers’ likes and views on Instagram. Which is against the guidelines of the community and Instagram. That’s why our Instagram account has been frozen. Due to which our followers also start decreasing and at the same time Instagram likes views also do not come.

When should I set up an Instagram story?

 As you all know we can do everything on Instagram. Which cannot be done on any other social media platform. Because Instagram is a simple social media that many people are interested in using. That’s why today only Instagram is used all over the world. And for this reason, Instagram is a popular social media platform today.

So let’s now talk about when we should install Instagram Story. Then I want to tell you that on Instagram we put similar stories. The way we put status and story on our other social media platforms. So we can put the story anywhere on Instagram. And we can apply the Instagram stories to anyone. And also after putting a story on our Instagram account, we also get a lot of engagement.

What happens after reaching 10k followers?

As you only know that Instagram is one of the popular & special social media platforms. With which you can also increase your business because Instagram is very capable of taking anyone’s work forward. With which we can make our work and business easier with the help of Instagram. So we have to popularize our Instagram account. Only then can we get an identity of our own somewhere.

So let’s now talk about what happens after the completion of 10k followers. Then I want to tell you that it is very difficult to increase followers on Instagram. Because unless we increase the number of followers on Instagram. Till then we cannot make our Instagram account popular. But when we complete 10k followers on Instagram. Then our swipe up to link feature gets enabled. With which you can put a link to your website inside your story. Due to which any Instagram user will come directly to your website from your story.

How to find the right time to post on Instagram?

If you are working very hard on your Instagram. But still, your likes views and followers are not increasing. So let me tell you that it happens because we on Instagram don’t know this. If we will post anything on our Instagram account at the wrong time then when should we post on Instagram. So you won’t see any response, for this, we have to follow the Insights feature of our Instagram account. With which you can easily find out the exact time of your posting. And by doing this you will know which day and at what time my audience is most active. And then your likes, views, and followers will automatically increase.


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