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How to get insurance for trailers?

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food trailer insurance

A trailer is a type of non-motorized vehicle that is coupled to another such as a car or truck. As in any other type of vehicle, there are different modalities and, therefore, characteristics. The law requires that they have their own food trailer insurance like the one offered by MV Insurers.

Towing insurance coverage

When the trailer weighs less than 750 kilos there is no obligation, but it is advisable to take out insurance. If your weight is greater than 750 kg, you will not be able to drive without this specific insurance.

Among the established coverage’s, the following stand out:

Compulsory Civil Liability

It is the coverage that is used to cover damages to third parties. If during the use of the trailer there is an incident, compensation will be paid for the damage caused to people or other vehicles.

Travel Assistance

The trailer will be attached to a vehicle, so an incident may occur during the journey. Travel assistance will allow you to solve any problems that may arise during the journey. Whether it has to be sent for repair, help is needed to move it, etc.

Each insurer provides the Catering Van Insurance that it considers along with its limitations. It is essential to review this coverage when making international transfers.

Legal defense and claim

Advice and legal defense will be given in case of claim for damages from third parties.

Cargo Civil Liability

It is the coverage designed to cover the damages that can be caused by the load that is moved in the trailer. This type of cargo can be general, construction or dangerous. When contracting towing insurance, you must indicate the type of use and load that will be made with it.

If there is an incident that causes damage to third parties due to the load, this coverage will be activated.

Voluntary Civil Liability

It is the extension of the compulsory general Civil Liability coverage that is established in some companies.

Thanks to this, the coverage limit for damages to third parties will be higher.

The above are the basic coverages. From here you can add other options according to your needs and the type of trailer.

If what you are looking for is to expand the coverage or have a more complete insurance, you can add coverage such as:

  • Stole.
  • Fire.
  • Cargo coverage.
  • Driver damage.

How much does trailer insurance cost?

The price of trailer insurance if it is temporary will be about 35 euros a week. For an annual trailer insurance the price would be from 200 euros onwards.

In order to be very clear about the final price, you must give all the details of the trailer. That way, the insurer will know if it is one of more or less than 750 kilos. From there, a personalized and exact budget can be given according to the indications and the coverage granted.

Different factors will influence the insurance price, such as:

Type of vehicle : you have to say if it is a trailer or semi-trailer.

Circulation Scope – Helps determine travel assistance. If national transports are made, it will be a very different thing than when it is used for international transports. The necessary coverages in travel assistance, such as repatriation, rescue, have different prices.

Use of the vehicle : a private trailer is very different from a public service trailer. And that affects the price.

Goods that are transported: three types of goods are allowed to be transported: General, Dangerous and Works. There are insurance companies that do not allow trailers with dangerous goods. Much of this defines the amount that defines the Cargo Civil Liability.

Value of the new vehicle without VAT: it is to provide additional coverage or comprehensive insurance.

Mechanisms for coupling to the vehicle : if a mechanism such as a crane, forklift, etc. is added to the trailer. must be indicated. These elements could cause harm to third parties during their operation.

Insurance for trailers over 750 kg

All trailers weighing more than 750 kilos are required to take out trailer insurance. This will be completely independent so, even if your vehicle policy indicates that it includes a trailer, it will not be valid.

Car carrier trailer insurance is designed to protect this non-motorized vehicle.

In this aspect, the coverage, beyond the mandatory ones, is very varied. There are coverages for the carrier, against theft, fire, for merchandise, among others.

In short, this insurance will cover both the vehicle itself and the merchandise and the driver.

light trailer insurance

Trailer insurance under 750 kg is a non-compulsory insurance. Whoever hires him does so to take care of the vehicle, the merchandise and the driver.

Basic coverage such as Civil Liability will be provided. In addition, you must inform the insurance company in order to include it in the car insurance policy.

The vast majority of car insurers include the possibility of adding the trailer within their guarantees. But this addition is not always free, but rather influences the final price of the policy.

If you are going to use a light trailer of less than 750 kg, think about having Restaurant Insurance to travel more calmly. You have the previous option of adding it to the car policy or hiring a single insurance for the trailer.

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