What Is IPTV? How To Get Started For Creating Your Own IPTV Service?


Online video consumption is increasing day by day. People sit before their laptops or desktop to watch online videos and their favorite live shows. The need for television is decreasing. To make use of TV viewers, the new IPTV has emerged in the market.

What is an IPTV?

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a fast-growing industry that has replaced the TV in every house. It supports communication television programs through a wireless connection. It offers streamed content over a managed network like WAN, LAN, or a privately managed network provider. Like TV, IPTV also offers live TV channels, and also there are huge data in the library that can be viewed online by the viewers.

Interesting stats about IPTV

Are you interested in launching your IPTV services? You need to first know the scope and future of IPTV and then you will have a clear understanding of how profitable it is going to be to run the IPTV services from scratch.

  • The market value of IPTV services is around $75 billion in 2020.
  • By 2026, the market value is expected to reach $196 billion.
  • The Asia Pacific region is noted to have the greatest market for IPTV services.
  • The IPTV audience is expected to grow to 32.5 million users.

Start your IPTV service

Hope you are convinced by the stats about IPTV services. There are ruling the market and this is the high time to start your own. You can also check with the best IPTV service providers and get some ideas on how they are running their business successfully. Here we have given some tips to start your IPTV business from scratch.

Set up your company – first, you need to start your company through proper paper works. Many legal procedures need to be followed to start a company. You need to prepare documents and set all papers as per your government rules. Without setting these first there is no point in starting your IPTV services.

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Get sources for the content

Your audience will get your IPTV mainly to view the content. You need to set your content library first. For this, you need to find out the sources where you can get the content. Distribution partners will provide you with content but you need to get the license to use the content in your IPTV service, or else you may face license issues later.

Set devices for streaming

To make your customers view your content, you need to have a medium through which they get access to all your resources. Customers may use their laptops and mobiles. Tablets, or any smart devices to view your content. So, you need to develop a perfect application that can run on all devices. The application should be device compatible. The app is the most convenient medium that suits all user groups.

Use a middleware system

A dedicated user interface is needed to deliver the service. A Middleware system is a media technology that can be used to enhance the communication between the set-top box and the IPTV server and to administer your IPTV reseller program effectively. It acts as a control panel where you can have complete control over the service and modify the permissions and settings on your own.

Use a media player

A media player is the most essential and basic necessity for any IPTV service. This is the key tool that allows the audience to view the content on their devices. When a subscriber requests a video, the signal is passed to the device by the server. The signal is decoded by the media player and makes the content to be viewable to the subscriber. The Middleware system helps in decoding the signal for the media player to run.

Set your billing system

Proper billing is needed to make the service legitimate. For this, you need to rely on perfect billing software. The software should be integrated with the middleware system and should generate accurate invoices for all subscribers. If there is any confusion in this process, you may lose your credibility among your customers. To develop the right software that can minimize your tension.

Choose the right Content delivery network

The content delivery network has the key role of delivering content to users. You may have global customers and they may need to watch content from different countries. Requesting the original content from any particular country and streaming them to customers is a long and tedious process. It can be possible only with a reliable content delivery network.

Join the reliable service provider

You may have everything that is mentioned above to run your business. But if you do not have a proper service provider then you are going to face a major loss in your business for sure. The service provider should have a great network structure with excellent speed. Check for their customer support. They should be easily approachable round the clock

Provide competitive pricing and package

Understand that you are not alone in the market. There is a huge competition and you need to survive among them. Only by offering competitive pricing, you will be able to attract more audience to your network. You can check the pricing with the best VPN service providers and then fix your pricing slab.


You have chosen the right business and you are going to implement it at the right time. Have a better understanding of your target audience and make sure you give proper customer support till the end.