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Top In-Demand Jobs for international graduates in Canada

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Students can typically work full time during breaks and half-time during classes. PGWPs allow graduates to continue working for up to three years.

Numerous prestigious universities are located in Canada, which annually draw thousands of foreign students. Canada is home to approximately 642,000 international students in addition to having many top colleges, a big number of degrees taught in English, a well-developed economy, good living standards, and well-paying jobs. This foreign student population includes a sizable proportion of immigrants who want to work in Canada. About 60% of overseas students, according to a poll by the Canadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE), wanted to return to Canada after graduation.

If you want to keep working in Canada after you graduate, you need a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). With a PGWP, students are permitted to reside and work in the country for up to two to three years. In Canada, depending on the industry and employer, students can anticipate earning salaries ranging from 30,200 to 534,000 CAD per year. Moreover, the compensation packages that are offered depend on the area in which you work. Some of the highest earning degrees provided by the best universities in Canada are the MBA, MS, and Computer Science. Many people make the long-term decision to work in Canada after that. If you possess a Canadian Experience Class permanent residence visa, you are permitted to do this. Therefore, overseas students not only graduate with incredible experience and a top-notch university education but are also prepared for everything from temporary jobs to long-term careers. 

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Getting a Job: Some Advice  

If you are still here or just starting your plans, there are a few things that you have to do. A strong IELTS score, a degree from a Canadian university, and Canadian work experience are all ideal methods to do this. Second, focus on the Definition you wish to have in the future. Your attention will be more on the employment and education you need to enhance your resume if you have established your long-term ambitions. Lastly, network. Many of the best positions are never posted. Word-of-mouth is how they are spread. Meeting people who can open the proper doors can be accomplished by attending conferences, job fairs, volunteering, and networking events. 

Canadian jobs with the highest salaries

It’s crucial to hunt for well-paying jobs when making future plans. Some careers pay significantly more than others in Canada. The medical field is where students will initially look if they want to make the greatest money. In addition to making six-figure wages, doctors and lawyers do quite well. 

A senior manager in construction or an expert in risk management both offer excellent financial rewards. Transportation and public utility managers can make a good living as well. Depending on how good you are, these salaries might reach $150,000. In addition, it is well known that professionals such as engineers, pilots, and oil and gas specialists make far more money than the typical Canadian.

Canada’s top job sites

For job seekers in Canada, several websites tout themselves as “The Best.” Before you begin your search, though, you need to conduct your research. A lot of professions have their own employment boards or search engines. Investigate this thoroughly. LinkedIn and other professional social media sites will host job postings from other organizations. These four websites—Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, and Glassdoor—are the most frequently used ones with extensive employment databases. Google for Jobs, a more recent addition to the group, is receiving favorable reviews.

Canadian careers with the highest in demand the size of Canada is immense. Job opportunities vary by location. The most in-demand professions, however, are in STEM and healthcare, as per the respected Canadian Business Magazine. Nursing, dentistry, and physiotherapy careers in the health sector offer a variety of opportunities and competitive pay. The smartest futures to pursue with lots of recruiting are those of engineering specialists, telecommunications managers, and conservation officers. There are several chances for additional employment besides the STEM and healthcare fields. Among the other growth industries with promising futures are mining, occupational therapy, building inspection, and school counseling.

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