What To Know About Anorexia Nervosa Treatment?

anorexia nervosa treatment

Anorexia is an eating disorder that can last for years. Anorexia affects both adolescents and adults. Even for anorexia nervosa, treatment can be a challenge because most people do not seek treatment for this condition until it has progressed to the later stages of this disorder. In anorexia nervosa treatment, there are two main types of treatments.

Inpatient Care –

An inpatient treatment for anorexia nervosa treatment near me is usually best after hospitalization. Inpatient care allows patients to dive deeply into therapy, helping them become fully recovered and in full control of themselves. On the other hand, outpatient care usually requires that patients stay in the treatment facility, which obviously is a bigger commitment.

Outpatient Treatment –

An outpatient bulimia nervosa treatment is the next step after inpatient treatment. This type of treatment allows people to receive the treatment on their own, without having to keep up with group therapy. This allows patients to continue with their recovery on their own time. Some of the symptoms of this disorder involve mood swings, but there are times when people exhibit no symptoms at all.

What Does An Inpatient Bulimia Nervosa Treatment entail?

There are several inpatient services that can help people suffering from this eating disorder. During the period of inpatient care, people will have weekly group meetings where they are encouraged to talk about their symptoms. The meetings will also include encouragement for the individual to progress towards recovery. When you first step into a hospital setting to receive treatment for anorexia nervosa, you will be assessed by a psychiatrist or psychologist to determine if you are a suitable candidate for treatment.

After inpatient care has been completed, you will be admitted into one of the anorexia nervosa treatment centers. These treatment centers will have counselors and psychologists available to help you through your recovery. Some centers even have family and friends available during your recovery to help you along. If you do not have anyone willing to help you during your time in treatment, then family members and close friends will be encouraged to help you through the process. There will be meetings set up once a week, which will provide the family and friends of anorexia nervosa recovery information and tips on staying on track during your recovery.

What Is Your Recovery Plan?

Once you have completed inpatient care at your chosen anorexia nervosa treatment center, you will return home. There will be an emotional and mental toll on you while you are in treatment. A recovery plan should be established before you leave to ensure you have an adequate coping mechanism at home. Your recovery plan should include both emotional strength and mental strength.

How Are You Going to Get Back Home?

The process of getting back to an active lifestyle after an inpatient treatment can take a few weeks or even months. The length of time you will be out of inpatient treatment will depend on the nature of your illness and other personal factors. Some people are able to go back to work within a couple of weeks after completing their outpatient treatment, while others will need more time. Some people may need to extend their recovery even further and be treated in a long-term residential facility.

What Are the Benefits?

Anorexia Nervosa treatment offers many benefits to individuals struggling with this condition. One of these benefits is peer support. Having an understanding network of individuals who are in the same situation is very important during recovery. In some cases, individuals may feel isolated because of their eating disorder, but they find strength and comfort when they are amongst like-minded individuals. If you seek an answer to the query anorexia nervosa treatment near me, visit Dr. Arceo Psychiatric Services.