Unbounce Versus Instapage and Leadpages: Landing Page Tools

If you want your internet marketing efforts to produce greater results, it is absolutely necessary for you to create landing pages that have a high effect. In addition, there are a variety of tools available to assist you in rapidly developing landing pages.

However, which landing page tool is the most effective? In order to assist you in making a decision, I have evaluated the three most popular landing page solutions, which are Unbounce, Instapage, and Leadpages. 

I made a comparison table that included ratings for important characteristics of the tools, highlighted the benefits and drawbacks of each, and described the types of people who would benefit most from using each tool.

  • Enables the quick and simple creation of website pages of a high quality, without the need for assistance from website developers.
  • There is a little requirement for design skills because each tool comes with a wide variety of trendy and contemporary templates.
  • You stand to gain from templates that include examples of effective techniques for converting a greater number of visitors into sales or leads.

Unbounce vs Instapage vs Leadpages

Evaluation of costs

7/10 Pricing starts at $90 per month for their ‘Launch’ plan (20K visitors).

Plans start at $199 a month for the ‘Building’ level and are rated 5/10. (30K visitors).

9/10 Pricing starts at $37 per month for the ‘Standard’ tier (unlimited visitors).

Quantity and standard of available templates

9/10 More than one hundred high-quality templates that have conversion best practices integrated right in. All mobile optimized. 9/10 More than ninety templates of high quality, each of which is optimized for use on mobile devices. 7/10 This service offers the most templates, however many of them come at an additional expense. Templates of varying quality, but each one is optimized for mobile use.

the intuitive operation of the page editor

8/10 for how easy it is to utilize the page editor. However, advanced functions are more difficult to use for beginners. 8 out of 10 for its user-friendliness and well-designed menu structure for the editor. Ideal for novices. 8/10 A user-friendly and relatively intuitive editor, making it an excellent choice for novices.

Capability to personalize page settings

9/10 Very good capability, including all possible drag-and-drop operations. Not restricted to a grid-based layout. 9 out of 10 stars for the excellent drag-and-drop and CSS page modification options. Included as well are ‘Instablocks’ for sharing content across many sites. 5/10 The capacity to customize pages is extremely constrained due to the editing interface’s reliance on a grid-based structure.

The number of features contained on the landing page

8/10 A very impressive number of features. Including dynamic text substitution, sticky bars, popups, and Smart Traffic optimization. 8/10 A fair number of features. Popups are not supported, however there are re-usable blocks, extremely quick loading times, and on-page comments and collaborative tools. 7/10 Provides the greatest number of functions, as well as a selection of popup and exit intent alternatives.

Options for analytics and report generation

8/10 The reporting of traffic and conversions is straightforward, and there is a valuable option to have traffic and conversion information sent to you.

9/10 Exceptional reporting functionality and conversion tracking, with click heatmaps being included on premium plans as of recently.

8 out of 10 Very easy to grasp both the traffic and the conversions thanks to the excellent reporting and graphing capabilities.

Options for testing using A and B.

6/10 This feature is only available with the “optimize” plan and higher (starting at $120 per month).

8 out of 10 All plans feature high-quality A/B testing options.

7/10 This feature is exclusive to the “pro” level and higher plans (beginning at $74 a month).

Options for on-demand production of leads

9/10 Provides useful and easily adjustable popups, including capabilities related to exit intent, and makes them accessible across all pricing tiers.

5/10 These are the most fundamental popup boxes, and they include all plans; however, there are no popups indicating exit intent included (I recommend using OptinMonster for this).

9/10 Places a significant emphasis on popups by utilizing the fantastic ‘Lead Boxes’ functionality, which also includes exit intent settings.

Options for support

8 out of 10 All plan levels offer help by phone, email, and live chat. The enterprise level subscription includes coaching. 9 out of 10 Each and every plan level includes a customer success manager, live chat, and email assistance. 6/10 It depends on the plan. Only the most basic plan includes email assistance. Only the highest-tier plan includes phone help.

Overall rating

9/10 Offers the broadest range of features and the most adaptability for page editing. The unquestionably superior choice for knowledgeable individuals and marketing groups. 8/10 This is a fantastic all-around tool, although the price is higher than Unbounce’s. A reasonable editor with a fair set of functions, suitable for both novices and professionals. 7/10 Page editor offers the least amount of versatility but has the lowest cost and the best popup choices. Better suited for novices.

Free of charge?

Free trial for the first 14 days, plus a discount of 20% on the first three months

14-day free trial with no obligation to provide credit card information.

free trial for 14 days; however, a credit card is required.

Unbounce Review

An outstanding option overall, and the best option for marketers that want to have the greatest possible flexibility when developing pages.

Unbounce Advantages:

Contains the most adaptable editor, which is not constrained by a grid structure like LeadPages’ editor is.

The new popups and sticky bars functionality, which is used for lead generation, is fantastic and incredibly configurable.

Excellent, high-quality templates that come built in with a wide variety of conversion best practices.

Contains dynamic keyword replacement for improved performance in pay-per-click advertising campaigns

Even at the most basic level of service, Unbounce provides its customers with the greatest possible support choices, including phone help.

Only the “optimize” level and higher offers A/B testing, and the starting price is $135 per month.

Compared to the other tools, it does not offer as many features. example: there is no countdown timer

Other landing page solutions may be more appealing to beginners because of their more user-friendly grid editing systems.

Rating on G2: 4.4/5 (as of March 2022)

I was able to negotiate a fantastic offer for you with Unbounce, which will result in a discount of 20%!

Instapage Review

A good landing page tool for novices as well as specialists, with a straightforward editor, a variety of useful settings (although it does not provide any popups), and a positive overall impression.

Instapage Pros:

The greatest number of templates possible, all of which are of a satisfactory standard.

Features one of the most intuitive and user-friendly page editors available, making it ideal for novice users.

Excellent opportunities for collaborative construction across teams, including commenting capabilities.

Very simple to install and connect with WordPress as well as other standard tools.

Click heatmaps are a nice feature that comes included on their premium services.

Instapage’s Drawbacks:

They just recently implemented a price hike, bringing the total cost of their base plan to $199.

In contrast to the other tools examined, only the most fundamental popup capability is included.

a more expensive option than Unbounce, which provides features that are comparable.

The editor might provide more individualized settings, and it is not as excellent as Unbounce.

Rating on G2: 4.3/5 (as of March 2022)