October 5, 2022

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Launch Your Gojek Clone KINGX App in Just a Few Clicks

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As an Entrepreneur who wants to launch a Gojek Clone KINGX App, here’s the Good News! Well, you’ve landed on the right Blog Page. Discussions are up on the table about the Simple App Launch Process. But, before jumping right onto the Steps, let’s take a look at a handful of Benefits of getting this Powerful, Robust, and Market-Tested App.


1. It is Bigger, Better, and more Dynamic than the Original Indonesian Gojek App.
2. The App facilitates availing Multiple On-Demand Services under One Digital Platform only.
3. Two more Components have joined the On-Demand Service Family – Online Video Consultation and Bid for Service.
4. You’ll get Numerous New and Tech Infused Features on this Application.
5. You can gain Business from multiple KINGX 2022 Platforms like Mobile Apps, Websites, Kiosk Apps, Manual Calling, and so on.


Before anything else, the Aspiring Entrepreneur needs to find a White-Labeling Firm to get the Clone App Script. They can start their Search by looking for a Firm with at least 8-10 years of Experience in launching Ready-to-Use Apps like KINGX 2022.

Try the Free Demo Apps First!

After connecting with White-Labeling Firm Sales Representatives, you can move ahead and try their Demo Apps for FREE! This Free Trial will help you to test the App in a Real-Working Environment. The Entrepreneur can Test the App for as long as they want until they feel completely satisfied! This way, the Entrepreneur can take a better Purchase Decision!

Tell your Requirements to the Technical Experts

Once you’ve made the Purchase Decision, it’s time to tell your Requirements to the On-Demand Multi Services App Technical Person. They’ll seek information about the Launch and Setup of your App. And as soon as the Entrepreneur provides the asked details, the Technical Team can start working on the App. Based on the Information you provide, the Project Manager will prepare a Scope Document. The Single Document will contain details about what will be provided to you with an In-Depth Breakup of the Invoice.

Demo Apps Approval

The Technical Team will begin developing your Apps soon after you’ve provided all the required information. They’ll Rebrand the App and Website by placing your Company’s Name & Logo everywhere on the Panels. The Color-Theme will also be changed according to the Color-Scheme of your Company’s Logo! The Firm will then upload the Demo Apps on their Developmental Server and wait for Entrepreneur’s Approval.

The Final Launch!

Only after the Entrepreneur Approves the KINGX 2022 Gojek Clone Demo Apps, the Firm will go ahead and launch them on the iOS/Android App Stores. The Apps will be launched on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Huawei App Store only if you want to!

The White-Labeling Experts will Upload & Install the App and Conduct a thorough QA upon Approval.


Do you want to become the KING of the On-Demand Multi-Service Industry? Well, get Gojek Clone KINGX App now and give a kick start to your Entrepreneurial Dreams! Grab your Smartphone and begin with the search for the best White-Labeling Firm that holds a Global Reputation for launching the Most Successful Pre-Built Apps!

Remember to check out their Client’s Video Testimonials on the Official Website!

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