Open the Mashreq Account That Suits You!

Whether you are a newcomer and trying to settle in the UAE or if you have been enjoying living here for a long time, the events of the past year have made it essential for all of us to review our finances and thinking about better options more seriously. If you want to deal with one of the best banks in the UAE, look no further than Mashreq.

With so much choice out there, we are here to make your life easier and help you choose the perfect bank that will offer you the perfect account to suit your needs in one of the best banks in Dubai. The range of choice of Mashreq online current accounts, online savings accounts, deposit accounts and more, will offer you everything you need when it comes to convenience, flexibility and more.

If you want to save in light of the ongoing COVID 19 pandemics, look no further than the options provided by Mashreq Bank. You have a wide variety of savings accounts including the Easy Saver Account which is one of the best zero balance accounts in Dubai. You will have no minimum balance requirement and will pay no monthly fees, plus you will get the freedom to open up to 10 free easy savers accounts and personalise each with a nickname feature. The cherry on top is, when you withdraw funds from one account, it won’t affect your interest on the others! This also makes it one of the best savings accounts for students.

Whereas the Dream Saver account will allow you to save for your dreams so that they can come true while earning attractive interest rates and this is also a zero-balance account. 

The Best Account for Your Salary in the UAE

Mashreq has three kinds of current accounts; the Happiness account offers a guaranteed joining bonus of up to 2,000 AED and excellent account benefits when you use this account for salary transfers. You will also be able to earn Salam points when you use this account. Salam is Mashreq’s loyalty program that gives you rewards on your entire banking relationship with Mashreq. When you conduct 5 transactions a month online or though your mobile, you will be earning 25 AED worth of Salam points. You can redeem Salam points to book hotel stays, flight tickets and even to buy electronic goods. You can also instantly redeem at any of the Mashreq partner outlets for all your shopping needs, dining treats, movie tickets and so much more.  This is in addition to unlimited free international online transfers worldwide.

The Sweep online current account in the UAE from Mashreq is another option that offers great benefits. You will get interest on unused funds with no restrictions on your access to your money for fixed times periods. You will have access to your funds through over 1.8 million ATM machines in 200 countries!

If you are looking for something simpler, the basic Mashreq current account is combines both convenience and flexibility both financial and non-financial benefits with access to your funds in over 200 countries. You will also get an instant Visa debit card and cheque book so that you can access your funds immediately.

When it comes to deposit accounts, the Mashreq fixed deposit account offers attractive rates of interest and the freedom to draw your funds at any time with a free secured credit card and overdraft. This is in addition to the Mashreq unfixed deposit account that is divided into internal units of 1000 AED giving you the freedom to encash units when you need them. The best thing is that it comes with no pre-encashment fees.

In a nutshell, you don’t really need to look any further than what is on offer at Mashreq bank when it comes to the world of deposits, saving bank accounts or salary accounts in the UAE!  This is with no doubt the best in the UAE for expats. Make the right choice today and simply apply online! The process of opening any kind of account with Mashreq is simple and the turnaround time is really fast. Best of all it is a safe and secure way to bank, so open you account now!