Massena Savings And Loan – Offers Low Faxed Accounts, Low Interest Rates

The drive-through Massena Savings and Loan are located on North Broadway in Oak Harbor. This location is convenient for anyone who is looking for a place to do some quick cash transactions. It’s a clean, well-lit building with comfortable seating. There’re plenty of counter space and a large variety of consumer products. Customers can choose from a basic selection of financial services such as checking, savings, loans, etc… Or they can look into a wide variety of products that include everything from payday loans to credit cards and merchandise such as the ever popular Harry Potter books.

Customers are able to make in-house purchases with the money they’ve saved through massena savings and loan customers. The masses savings account allows customers to make in-house purchases such as gasoline, household goods and even pet food. They can use their Massena IRA as collateral for many of these loans. Customers must have a verified checking or savings account type minimum balance to qualify for this. All checks will be made out to the account.

Customers may also look into the in-house IRA and CD combination offerings offered by Massena Savings And Loan. Customers are able to get a ten-year fixed rate and an eight-month adjustable rate. In addition, they can set up a one month blank CD that automatically rolls over into the next month. Customers are also able to look into the IRA and CD combination’s features such as automatic contribution amounts and automatic withdrawal amounts as well as the rollover of unused amounts.

Customers are also able to look into the self-directed IRA and certificate of deposit offerings from Massena Savings And Loan. Customers may be able to make deposits and transfers out to this account as needed. They may also choose to invest in any number of different assets. However, each transaction will require them to provide a valid banking license type and social security type. These requirements are part of the deal as well as a yearly self-certification survey.

The self-directed IRA allows customers to invest in virtually any amount of money they wish within the account. They may also invest their money in a wide variety of areas. However, customers cannot exceed the maximum amount of cash they may hold within the account. The account cannot hold more than a certain percentage of income for income tax purposes.

The certificates of deposit offer higher interest rates than the IRAs. However, both offer the convenience of a checking account that permits customers to earn interest on their funds. They also allow customers to withdraw their money at any time. Furthermore, they may also allow customers to be paid by check.

Massena Savings And Loan also offer other services that will benefit customers. Some of these include travel insurance for customers traveling to other states. It offers competitive interest rates on money market accounts. Customers may also find it interesting to learn that their accounts have “rollover” options which allows them to transfer funds between checking and savings accounts with minimal penalty fees.

In addition, the banks offer a “one stop shopping” site where consumers can find any type of financial service they need. The site is easy to use and includes links for local banking offices. It also features a link to the Small Business Administration website, which offers comprehensive information and helpful tools for new businesses. Individuals interested in opening a new account should take some time to review all of Massena Savings And Loan’s various offers. They offer competitive rates, flexible terms, and convenient ways for consumers to manage their finances.