Expert Method To Tracing A Challenging Roof Leaking Issue

For a homeowner with a leaky roof problem, the rainy season can seem like a difficult time of the year, especially when it is one of those times when it seems hard to find the source of the leakage; then the homeowner seeks an expert method to trace the challenging roof leaking issue.

A leaky roof issue is a serious problem that can have detrimental effects ranging from minor such as puddles of water inside the house to more severe effects such as mold and mildew infestation and weakening the entire structural integrity of the house. Apart from hiring a professional roofing contractor, what expert method does such a homeowner use to trace a challenging roof leaking issue? 

1. Find the signs of a roof leakage

This is a common first step to take when one suspects that the roof is leaking. The signs to look out for are a musty odor, water stains or trails on the ceiling or walls/wallpaper. Are they any puddles of water gathering in a spot in the room? Is there a bulge in the wall? Is there a sign of peeling paint on the side of the wall? These are part of the telltale signs of a leaking roof. 

2. Check the Attic and Roof 

While it is convenient to follow the sound of dripping water to find a leak in the roof, there are cases where there’s no sound to follow so what does one do? Well, to expertly trace a challenging leaking roof issue, the homeowner must go to the room directly below the roof. This could be the attic or any affected room on the top floor. Once up there, a careful search must be made for any mold, mildew and water stains. All of these point to the location of the sound of the leakage.  This is one vital expert method to trace the challenging roof leaking issue.

3. Pouring Water on the Roof to find the Leakage 

So you have taken all the steps above and you still can’t find where the roof is leaking? Well, there’s one last expert method of tracing a challenging leaking roof issue. Before you throw in the towel, you need to try this last method. Get your ladder, get on the roof and hose it down. Yes, go big or go home. Ensure there’s a lookout person in the house checking out for where the water may be coming in from. Take a small section of the roof at a time and do not miss a sport. 


A leaking roof might be challenging but there is always an expert method for tracing this challenging leaking roofing issue. First try to find the source of the leakage by checking the house for signs of water leaking, check the ceiling and attic for any water stains and wet wood or structural challenge. When you still can’t find the source of the leakage, then you shouldn’t hesitate to bring out the big hose. If you do all of these and there is still no solution to the issue, then it is time an expert is called in to ascertain the damage and estimate the costs of repairs.